Recent Outfits

In the past, I’ve done posts about what I wear to work in the summer, winter, and during quarantine. I’ve had a hybrid work schedule for over a year now, so I have to get ready for work three days a week—Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday—while I stay home Wednesday and Friday. My WFH days are solely comfy clothes, usually leggings and hoodies, nothing too exciting.

When I had to start going back into the office after being home for a year and a half, I didn’t want to spend too long getting ready. The office isn’t at full capacity (a few co-workers are 100% WFH while others like me have hybrid schedules), and honestly, there are some days where I spend most of it in my own office with the door shut—only leaving to get lunch out of the fridge, get water, or go to the bathroom. So I don’t see a point in getting 100% glammed up; I do about 75%, or whatever I guess would be socially acceptable. My hair and make-up don’t take more than 10 minutes, and luckily our office is business casual, so I don’t have to wear super fancy clothes.

Here are some recent outfits I’ve worn to work in the past two weeks and where I got everything from! (Keep in mind some of the stuff is old, like my TOMS are from college and the pixie pants are from when I got my first job out of college.)

Burnt orange cardigan: Marshalls

Gray t-shirt: Old Navy

Black-printed pants: Old Navy

Tan ankle booties: QVC

(My take on a Halloween-related outfit.)

Gray long sleeve: Target

Pink pixie pants: Old Navy

Gray/blue slip ons: QVC

Earrings: gift shop in Kennebunkport, Maine

Gray cardigan: Old Navy

Green t-shirt: Old Navy

Black patterned pants: Old Navy

Black ankle booties: Kohls

White/gray striped top: Marshalls

Pink lace pants: QVC


(May I add this was the day it was in the mid-70s.)

Orange waffle shirt: Walmart

Blue pants: Kohls

Tan boots: QVC

Leopard earrings: Cedar Chest in Northampton, MA

Green elbow sleeve top: Target

Navy pixie pants: Old Navy

Dog print TOMS: TOMS

So moral of the story: Target, Old Navy, and QVC should sponsor me.

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