Why I’ve Gotten Worse at Texting

Maybe it was just me, but I felt like in high school you always had to be texting people. Or at least, look like you were. But I didn’t get an iPhone until a few weeks before graduation senior year, so I had some slide phone with a keyboard and a very small touch screen.

Granted, the phones back in 2010-2012 weren’t the best, so I guess the design hindered texting ability. But realistically, only a few friends were texting me, and maybe my mom, because this was before she really knew how to use a phone. (Now she’s literally the only person who texts me and is always sending me pictures of our cat while I’m at work.)

And in college, I guess I texted people, but it was more to make plans, confirm plans, or let someone know you were on your way to their room. The only person I constantly texted while on campus was my boyfriend at the time, but that makes sense. (But even then it was to confirm our schedules or meet up somewhere, because we lived near each other, so we just hung out in person.)

I think I’m looking at this through the lens of “dating” and “talking” in 2018. You text to “talk” now, and honestly, I’m not that kind of person. I guess it stems from not really ever constantly texting someone, so I sometimes find it to be a hassle to keep up a conversation with someone. Like my life isn’t all that interesting to talk about what I do during the day. (I go to work, sometimes go for a run, watch Netflix or sports, and go to bed at 9:30 p.m. Nothing to write home about.)

I really only text people for one of three reasons: 1. it’s your birthday; 2. I have a quick question; or 3. I’m confirming plans. That’s it. I don’t like the whole “hey, how’s it going?” thing. I mean, I do occasionally text friends to catch up, but even then, it’s you talk for a couple of hours maybe and then make promises to meet up soon or hang out—which we all know doesn’t happen.

I’ve found my response rate time is growing, but I try my best to reply within a reasonable amount of time. (I never not text someone back.) If it’s something urgent, then I’ll text back right away, but if it’s just a regular conversation or “talking”, then I take some time to reply. I’m not doing it to be rude or anything, but I’m all over the place lately, and I don’t want to be attached to my phone all the time. I get that other people are busy and aren’t going to reply right away, so I hope people understand the same of me.

I think we expect everyone to be on their phones 24/7, but with all of the other notifications and messages and everything we’re consuming, it makes sense that sometimes we want a break from technology. What are your thoughts on texting? Do you like it or hate it? Find that it’s a necessity or something you could do without?


  1. I’m with you on texting. I used to be self conscious that I wasn’t getting as many texts as my friends, as if it made me “less than” in some way. But then I realized that I genuinely don’t like texting that much. So now I mostly use it in the same way as you: to say happy birthday, to make plans, or to rant back and forth with my family about the Dodger game if we don’t get to watch it together.

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  2. I L-O-V-E texting! It’s all I do. I hate talking on the phone so if I do talk to someone on the phone, either someone died, or my boss needs to me last minute pick the kids up, or I’m madly in love with you. That’s basically it. Seriously – if my parents actually call my phone, I know someone has died. I always have full conversations with people over text. Arguments too. Lol which is not the best idea but that’s ok

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    • I don’t like talking on the phone either haha. My mom texts and calls me a lot, so I’m used to it, but I never talk on the phone with friends unless I can’t find them in a crowd or something. And if they call me and it’s not for a reason I can think of, I panic.

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  3. I didn’t send my first text until after I graduated high school. I was pretty active with texting in university, with about 3-4 conversations on the go at a time. Once I graduated, that all went away and most text exchanges turned very robotic. Now I only text 1-2 people outside of my family, but even then I have to tell my sister she’s sending me too many texts because I don’t feel like picking up my phone every 5 minutes to respond.

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    • How did you manage talking to 3 to 4 different people at once? I don’t even know that many people haha. I feel like as you get older, texting isn’t something you do for fun; it’s something you do to make quick contact with someone. Thus why I struggle with the texting to “talk” thing.

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      • I had a lot of friends back then. Living in residence every year gave me a new wave of friends each year and I would just introduce each group to each other because it’s more fun when all your friends know each other. I once told my mom I had too many friends lol. Now most of my friends are bloggers.

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  4. Surprising and interesting. I’m older than you and text all the time. I use texting to make jokes and stuff. For example, I like sending funny movie quotes to random friends for no good reason at all. Of course, I’m an idiot. Haha! That reminds me….I need to send one right now: “Danny, are you my pal?….How ’bout a Fresca?”

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    • I’m not that interesting or do much, so I feel like I’m boring to talk to when I talk about my day haha. I guess it depends who I’m talking to, but it can be hard to try to keep up a conversation, especially if you and the other person are busy/on different schedules.

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