Back to College I Go

ICYMI: I got a new job at the university where I went to school, and last week was my first week back on campus. The night before my first day, my mom asked if I was nervous, and I wasn’t. Sure I was starting a new job, but it was at a place I was so familiar with. Everyone who I told I was going back, they said it was like I was going back home.

And it really feels that way.

My first day was full of first day things: seeing my office—yes, I have an actual office with a door and a window!—meeting everyone in the department, getting my email set up on my computer, and having lunch in the new faculty/staff dining room. (The university recently opened up a beautiful new dining commons, and there’s a separate faculty/staff dining area. That also means a Starbucks is a short walk away from my building.)

I have since decorated my office for Halloween, but it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. There’s also a bookcase and big filing cabinet against the wall where the door is (on the other side of the picture). It’s been an adventure for me to learn how to use an iMac. I’m getting used to it, but for the life of me, I don’t know why it keeps making dinging or chiming noises all the time. (Like notification sounds but I have no new notifications.)

One of the perks of the job is being able to walk around campus. At my old job, I was so used to spending most of my day behind a desk, so I’m excited that I can walk to different places during the day. It’s a good way to get my steps in.

I can also easily pass for a student, so I’m going to see how I can work that to my favor haha. But I still have all of the same benefits/access to things as a staff member that I did as a student. I’m so excited that I can use the gym and I can use the indoor track to run during the winter. Once I’m done at the ice cream shop and get on a good schedule, I’m hitting up the track after work during the week.

On Wednesday, I walked around campus to take some pictures of any foliage for social media. I also had to go get my parking pass and staff ID from public safety.

This is what’s called “the rock”. Rumor has it in the 1960s, the rock was moved from a nearby construction site to campus as a prank. Now student organizations can book the rock on a weekly basis to paint it as a way to publicize events. I painted the rock my fair share of times as an undergrad.

I’m still waiting on access to a few things, and I need to have website training with IT. Plus I have a meeting with the president of the university this week—!!!!—and hope to spend a little more time getting settled in.

This weekend was homecoming weekend and family & friends weekend rolled into one. I spent my Saturday on campus taking pictures for social media and posting while I was there. I ran into a bunch of people I knew from undergrad, whether it was staff or old friends, and although I was alone for most of the day, I didn’t mind.

I popped into the football game for most of it, considering it was a blowout, and we won 70-13. I spent so many Saturdays at the stadium during my junior and senior years. My ex-boyfriend played on the team—who I dated sophomore into junior year—so I went to cheer him on and also our other friends on the team. Now I don’t know anyone who plays, but it’s still great to go watch a game. I snapped the picture below during the few seconds they open up a gate at the end zone for field goals.

I left around 4:00 p.m. when it started to rain, since most of the outside events were over and I didn’t want to get my camera wet.

I never thought I’d end up working back at the university, but I guess it makes sense in the universe because I still love the school so much. I’m grateful for the opportunity and really hope to grow there. It was such an easy transition, and honestly, I can’t beat the office being closed between Christmas and New Year’s.


  1. Your new office space is huge! I would totally have trouble with an iMac, too lol but you’re gonna have so much fun decorating your space! The campus & perks you get sound incredible! The story behind the rock is so cool. I love that the students can rent it!! Hope everything went smoothly with the President! ❤ ❤

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    • I’ve gotten better with my computer; my boss is impressed that I know keyboard shortcuts haha. I’m already thinking of what I’ll do for Christmas decorations since I have a lot of room and a lot of outlets for lights. My meeting with the president was Monday and went well. My boss came with me, so he did some of the talking, too. We talked about the homecoming weekend and some of the plans for the school’s centennial celebration next year, which I’m excited to see roll out in January.

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      • Ah, that’s awesome that you’re already getting the hang of your new computer & even doing keyboard shortcuts! Super impressive!

        Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your Christmas office if you plan on sharing the decorated area with us. 😀 That’s wonderful that your meeting went well!! Always nice to have someone by your side. ❤

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