My Favorite Fall Things

Fall officially started a few weeks ago and I meant to get this post out last week but I’ve been busy. I’ll have a big life update post on October 12. (I hope the anticipation is killing you. But not actually killing you. Because that would be bad.)

ALRIGHT. Here are some of my favorite fall things!

Cooler weather

I live in New England, where it’s not unlikely to get all four seasons in one week. I have bad allergies in the spring when all of the pollen comes out, the summers are often grossly humid and rainy, so I welcome the fall weather. I did have an issue with my allergies one day last week when it rained all day, but so far, I’ve been fine.

I love the sunny but partly cloudy 65 to 70 degree days where I can wear jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s awesome running weather, too.

Football season

I love baseball. Don’t get me wrong. I live and die for the sport. But I also love my football.

Because I like to make myself miserable, I’m a New York Giants fan, and for some odd reason, I’m an Alabama Crimson Tide fan for college. I love being able to watch football all weekend long—college on Saturdays and the pros on Sunday.

Hot tea

Granted, I drink hot tea year round in the morning with my breakfast—just regular black tea with two packets of sugar and some milk—but now that it’s cooler, I bring hot tea with me to work. My uncle got me a set of two 20oz travel mugs from Starbucks that are awesome for tea. During the summer, I make iced tea—I make it the day before and let it steep in the fridge—and now I’ve been making hot tea. I got some fall flavors of Bigelow tea at Walmart: pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and vanilla chai.

Changing leaves

There’s one perk of living in New England in the fall: foliage. Seeing the leaves change colors truly marks the fall season. Last fall, I dragged my parents with me to go take pictures of the leaves. The leaves turned later last year, so there’s still some green in the picture below, but you can start to see the peaks of reds, oranges, and yellows. We went to a small state park in the town over from me that has some hiking trails.


Apple picking

This is the super cliche fall thing to do. Again, I always go with my parents—only child who still lives at home probs. We go to a little farm in town, the same place where we went blueberry picking over the summer. My parents do most of the picking, and I always just end up wandering up and down the rows. My mom made an apple pie for her and my dad and an apple crisp for me, since I don’t like pie crust—it’s a texture thing.

And of course I grabbed an apple to eat off a tree before we left.

What are some of your favorite fall things?


      • Aw, that sounds about the leaves changing colors already. I wonder the same about other places. In Texas its just summer and a bit of winter. Right now its high 80’s here with some rain.

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  1. Yay fall! I’m super jealous of you, because your fall is better than mine. Living in Texas sucks when it comes to fall. No beautiful leaves, no “cooler” weather (it does drop, but just to the 70s lol not quite sweater weather).
    My favorite thing about realistic Texas fall is pumpkins. I like going to the pumpkin patch and corn mazes.

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    • It’s sunny, breezy, and 70 here, and I love it. But in the blink of an eye, it’ll drop 30 degrees and we’ll be getting frost and snow before we know it. We haven’t gone pumpkin picking yet; that’s next! And we always roast the seeds after we carve them.

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  2. Great post Becky! Our climate is very similar over here in suburban Chicago. Our trees are starting to change colors. Foliage is a great word. I love Fall. It’s the best! You dig the tea, huh? I should try it. I’m a black coffee kind of guy. Have fun out there!

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    • The leaves are starting to change more now, and I love it. Soon enough all of the leaves will fall. I’ve never liked coffee. I wish I could drink it, but not yet. I love tea, and the fall/winter teas are my favorites.

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      • I’ve bought tea from David’s Tea before. You can buy online and they always have a good seasonal selection. You can buy tea bags or loose leaf tea and brew it yourself. I’m currently using Bigelow teas for my hot tea.

        Not sure if this is too literal in regards to making tea, but I boil water and let the tea bag steep in the mug with the water. You can technically take the tea bag out after 3-5 minutes (it’ll say on the box how long to let it steep) but most of the time I just leave it in there. When I make hot tea, I put in a little milk and either two Splenda packets or honey. When I make iced tea, I make it the day before and let it sit in the fridge in a travel mug and then take it the next day to work. I put two Splendas in my iced tea.

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  3. Thanks Becky! I should try some hot tea. I don’t like iced tea at all. I’m a black coffee drinker….well, actually I’m Caucasian, but I like plain coffee… milk, no cream, no sugar. I’m old school. Dude, thanks for the descriptive directions. It will help me a bunch. Of course, I need to boil water? Uh oh, I’m out. How do I boil water??? 🙂 JK

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