Blueberry Picking!

New England is known for its pick-your-own based activities. My parents and I go apple picking each fall—although last year when we went it was like 80 degrees!—and this year decided to go blueberry picking for the first time.

The farm we went apple picking at last year wasn’t our regular one, but ended up working out pretty well because they grow bluberries in the summer. I had Sunday off, so my mom said, “Let’s go blueberry picking!” So we went.



There were about four rows of bushes under netting in the back of the farm, and boy was it hot under there.


If it wasn’t a million degrees outside, I would have liked to bring my digital camera with me, but these pictures on my phone work just as well.


Immediately, I found pros and cons to bluberry picking:

Pro: They’re easy to pull off the branches for snacking. (Much easier than apples.)

Cons: It’s extremely tedious, and the netting makes it feel like you’re inside a greenhouse.

Shout out to the young kids in the row over from us because I don’t know if I’d have patience like that when I was younger. My parents and I were all picking, so at least it went pretty fast.


We finished with over ten pounds between our two boxes, and I’m excited to have fresh blueberries to eat in the morning and take with me to work—because all I actually do at work is eat at my desk. (Just ask my co-workers about all of the snacks I bring.)

Blueberries grow until the middle of August, so we might go back again. Picking your own whatever is fun, plus nothing beats fresh fruit from the tree.

Do any of you guys do pick your own fruit/veggies/whatever is pickable?


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