Roll Tide Roll: College Football Season Preview

Nine years ago, I swore I’d never like college football because there are too many games and teams to follow.

Fast forward to the other night when I was watching the Wyoming/New Mexico State game because it was the only college football game on.

So yeah, you can say things have changed.

I accidentally became an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan, and you can read about that here. (It’s in the first quarter of the post.)

I have a handful of Alabama shirts, most of them championship shirts. It wasn’t my fault that they turned out to be good. I just thought A.J. McCarron was cute. (I’m disappointed to know that he’s now on the Buffalo Bills…)

The Crimson Tide open up their season at home in Tuscaloosa against Louisville. I will miss at least half of the game because I will be scooping. (And although my boss gives me score updates for the Red Sox, I don’t think he’ll do them for college football.)

The big question down in ‘Bama is the starting quarterback. Our starter last season was Jalen Hurts, who was good, but since he slipped up in the National Championship game, Nick Saban aka the Overlord of College Football put in QB2 Tua Tagovailoa who stole the show throwing the ball downfield to some freshman for the game-winning touchdown after getting tackled on the first down.

As far as I know, Saban and his Coke bottle at press conferences haven’t made a decision yet.

nick saban coke bottle.png
Via FTW USA Today

Go to about 1:50 in this video to see it in action. In 2015, he was asked about defensive coach Kirby Smart and reports he was leaving, which he ultimately did and is now the head coach at Georgia.

So, anyway, the big story line this season will be who is QB1 and then how the other would be doing if he were playing, etc. To me, it doesn’t really matter who’s at QB as long as they’re consistent and win games. Alabama quarterbacks don’t have luck outside of Tuscaloosa, and A.J. McCarron and Greg McElory—who has since retired—are really the only two quarterbacks who got drafted while I’ve been following the Tide.

The AP Top 25 preseason rankings came out recently, and Alabama’s at number one, followed by Clemson at two, University of Georgia at three, and Wisconsin at four. Three of those four teams were in the college football playoffs last season—Oklahoma and Johnny Manziel #2 Baker Mayfield lost in the Rose Bowl in double overtime to the UGA Bulldogs. I’m interested to see how Wisconsin does this season, but the rankings change throughout the season.

So I’m pumped for kickoff and College Gameday Saturdays, and having multiple almost heart attacks watching my boys in crimson. As much as I love baseball, there’s just something exciting about the start of football season.



  1. Well done Becky. I have been a college diehard since the 80s (which coincidentally was the greatest decade of the greatest sport). Anyway, I love Nebraska, as you may know. I went to Illinois and now we’re in the same B1G West division, which is a challenge. Of course, Illinois sucks so bad that it hasn’t been much of an issue for me…..yet. Anyway, I enjoyed your article. You mentioned “scooping”. What does that mean?

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I work at an ice cream shop (my first high school job that I kept and often refer to it as “scooping”) and sometimes my shifts interfere with games. I taped the Alabama season opener so I watched the beginning when I got home and then watched the 3rd quarter before going to bed.

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