Travel Bucket List

I’ll be the first to admit it: I need to get out more. Maybe instead of using my paid time off to take three day weekends, I can use it to travel. Here’s my list of places I’d love to travel within the United States and abroad!

New England

I want to explore my own backyard more. The New England area offers so much, and I could make day trips on the weekends. I’d like to go back to Newport, Rhode Island, I’m always up for going to Boston, and I’ve never been anywhere in Vermont or Maine. My mom’s aunt lives in New Hampshire, and we go up during the summer to visit every couple of years or so.


I have this extremely weird fascination with Texas. Thanks, Friday Night Lights. I think I’d want to go to Waco and Houston. The story I finished earlier this year took place in Houston, so I did some research into the area to make the story seem more realistic.

North and/or South Carolina

I feel like there are a bunch of cute local places in either state that would be fun to visit. Plus Myrtle Beach is there, too.


I’d want to visit Wrigley but also explore the city and do all of the touristy things.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

As a big Alabama fan, I’d love to go to Bryant-Denny Stadium and see a Bama football game. My university was a Division III school, and I spent my Saturdays junior and senior year at home football games in a stand that fit maybe a couple thousand people. Bryant-Denny can hold over 100,000 people, and I think it would definitely be an experience to attend a game with that many people.

MLB Stadiums

I’d love to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. I’ve only been to two so far—Fenway and Yankee Stadium—and seeing the rest of the 28 would be awesome. This is probably something I can chip away at over time.


I’m not going to blame my desire to go to Italy entirely on The Lizzie McGuire Movie but let’s be honest. I’d totally do all of the touristy things in Italy, but also explore little places. One of the girls at the ice cream shop spent the spring semester abroad in Italy, so I’d ask her for any hints, tips, and suggestions of places to visit.


I’m Swedish on my mom’s side, and in fifth grade, we had a “Heritage Day” where you picked a country of your heritage and displayed it at a table during the event. I did a lot of research on traditions in the Swedish culture, and my mom made a ton of Swedish spritz cookies—they’re like little sugar cookies. I had a jar of Swedish fish on the table and people could guess how many were in there.

My mom’s aunt—the one who lives in New Hampshire—was a good resource for all things Swedish in my family, and she sometimes sends us little Swedish trinkets for Christmas. I doubt I’d ever find anything in Sweden linked to my family, but I’d like to go explore the capital of Stockholm and see what the culture is like.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Where have you been, and where do you want to travel?


  1. Such a good list of places to visit! I went to Charleston, SC this past December and it was a cute little place to visit! Definitely come to Chicago!! There is so much to do here. I really want to go to Arizona, Utah, and Maine so hopefully I’ll get to go to some of those places soon!

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  2. I’ve been to South Korea for work and Scotland for my first solo vacation. But my bucket list is basically all of Europe haha! I’m not one to go to Tropical places but Europe holds so much wonder for me

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      • I like to say I’m 2 shades from albino – rainy gloomy Europe is much better for my skin hehe! But the history of Europe interests me sooo much – and the cathedrals! Omg the cathedrals

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  3. Chicago’s my favorite, but I might be biased since I live here! Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville is a beast within itself… If you’re going to go, it’s worth it to go on a game day (home or way) because that’s when the neighborhood really comes to life. My favorite Chicago neighborhood is definitely Lincoln Park. It’s such an old neighborhood and so historic you sometimes feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Other fun things I would suggest you check out: deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s, water taxis to Chinatown, the Field Museum, the Chicago architecture tour, and the haunted Chicago tour!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, especially after doing an AncestryDNA kit and finding out that I’m 99% European. My top five would probably be Germany, Croatia, France, Italy, and Spain. I’d also love the opportunity to go back to Australia, but I don’t think I could do the flight again haha!

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    • Thanks for all of the Chicago advice! I’d love to go to a home Cubs game and experience that whole atmosphere.

      All of those European countries would be awesome. I forgot to add Germany to my list because I’d want to go to Oktoberfest. How was Australia?!

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      • Amazing! It’s hard to describe because Sydney was like a New York or Chicago, but with palm trees, and then I went up north to a city called Cairns (where you can go out to the Great Barrier Reef) and that was like a beach town with rainforests and tons of adventurous excursions to do. It was awesome, I’d love to go back! I think why I’m nervous about the flight is on the flight back home, I didn’t really get up much because I sat by the window and my legs were swollen and tingly, so I’m nervous about that. I’d definitely go again if I’m guaranteed an aisle seat or if I’m seated next to my family or friends where I wouldn’t mind bugging them to get up so I could.

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      • I’ve never flown, so I don’t think starting out with a trip to Australia would be a good idea for me haha. But yeah a long flight like that must be brutal. I’d love to do excursions and fun stuff but also walk around the cities!

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      • Yeah… I don’t remember exactly, but the total time we were in the air (Chicago to LA and LA to Sydney) was like 22-24 hours, which, thinking about it now, sounds excruciating! You literally time travel, which is crazy to think about now, too—we left on a Wednesday and landed on Friday, and then coming back we left on a Thursday and arrived in Chicago on that same Thursday. I recommend everyone should go, but yes, fly a couple times before going. The airline is nice and they feed you like every hour with meals and snacks, and they monitor how many times you’ve gotten up (and they’ll make you get up and walk around the cabin if they noticed you’ve been sitting for too long), plus you have tons of movies, tv shows, and games to choose from to occupy your time. It’s such a cool country and the sites are incredible, so although the flight sounds terrible, it’s totally worth it!

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  4. One of my friends went to all 30 MLB stadiums (and the Little League World Series) in about 43 days or so. It was his graduation present to himself. I think he asked me to go with him but for some reason I didn’t. He brought a sign to each game and got on most video boards because of it.

    That would be cool to do but exhausting to do it all in one go.

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  5. The MLB Stadiums are on my bucket list, too. I’ve been to seven. However, five of those teams have moved into new stadiums since I made this a goal. Does that mean I need to revisit those stadiums for the first time? Baltimore and Boston are still where they were 16 years ago when I saw them. But the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Nationals, and Braves have all moved. Not that I would mind going to see these teams play at home all over again. But that feels like backtracking. When I clearly have 22 other teams to see across the country. And one in Canada. I wonder if Paul would let me crash on his sofa if I ever make it up to a Blue Jays game…

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    • Haha I think the jury’s still out on whether or not you have to go back. Yankee Stadium isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be but I can’t say anything else about the Mets, Phillies, Nats, or Braves. (I still find it quite unnecessary that the Braves needed a new stadium.)

      Yes let’s all go to a Blue Jays game at crash at Paul’s house! We don’t even have to tell him we’re coming; we’ll just show up and it’ll be fine.

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  6. You are so right! There is so much to see in our own backyards of New England! If you’ve never been to Vermont or Maine, I highly recommend Woodstock, VT and Bar Harbor, ME. Two of the most beautiful places with so much to see and do!

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