How Not to Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft

Literally nothing has changed since my fantasy baseball draft in March: wait until the last minute to research players and hope for the best.

The last time I did fantasy football—the one and only time I did it—was in college because my ex had a league. I finished second and beat him, which felt good since he actually played football. I can’t remember what my strategy was but whatever I did must have worked.

I’m so out of the loop when it comes to football because IT’S STILL TECHNICALLY BASEBALL SEASON. Or SZN as the cool kids are saying. #Lit

So my team’s name is All Hail New York Giants, like the scene from Madagascar:


Hey, it worked for me last time!

My strategy for this draft is to do what I did for the baseball one and print out the top X amount of players for each position, and I think you draft less players for football than baseball. (I do remember that you draft mostly all offensive positions and a defensive line as a whole.) I’ll put together a list of two to three players for each position, get my glass of wine ready, and hope for the best. Hopefully I don’t have to work on the night of our draft and thus force the draft to be moved.

I was talking with one of my friends about fantasy football drafts because you know how some leagues make the losers do some crazy things. Thankfully, we’re all not local—that I know of—so we lucked out. (Paul, don’t get any ideas.) He was also no help with drafting tips.

How do you draft for fantasy football? Do you have a strategy or do you just wing it?


  1. Ohhh forcing the loser to do something crazy would be great! But it would be too hard to coordinate. I was actually going to write a post about fantasy football tonight which will probably be 6 times longer than this post because I can’t help myself. But I’ve been preparing by doing mock drafts so I can see what players are available when and how the draft may play out come draft day.

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  2. I draft strictly on how much I like their name. Top of this year’s list is JuJu Smith, HaHa Clinton-Dix and Todd Gurley. Also I was told Defenses win championships so I’m going to take as many as I can.

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    • HaHa Clinton-Dix used to play for Alabama so I know the name quite well haha. But that is a good strategy. Hopefully this weekend I can take a peek at some players and put together some kind of plan.

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