Fantasy Football Friday

Here’s my one and only addition of “Fantasy Football Friday.” Because if my current fantasy baseball experience will be anything like fantasy football, then I’ll accept defeat by week 5. But I do like in fantasy football there are weekly matchups instead of just playing against the entire league every day like you do in baseball.

We had our draft Tuesday night, and I did it sitting on the couch with my dog, snacking, and watching TV with my mom. So my attention wasn’t 100% there but I could kill time between my picks.

Monday night I put together my list of players by position and tried to stick to that the best I could.

I took OBJ with my first pick; I would have taken Saquon Barkley but someone else took him early. Six of my 17 players are former Alabama players—part of my overall strategy—and I panicked when I came to my quarterback and took Andrew Luck. I had Alex Smith, Deshaun Watson, and Marcus Mariota on my list, and when I went to pick a QB, Smith was already gone, I couldn’t find Watson as the clock was ticking down from a minute, so I took Luck because he was ranked high in the remaining QBs.

I got the Pats defense and Steven Gotskowski as my kicker—I had him the last time I did fantasy football and he was always good. I know of every single player but one. I needed a WR so I took Kenny Golladay. I might drop him and pick up an extra kicker for when the Pats have a bye week. But you didn’t hear that here.

So, yeah. There’s my fantasy football experience for the season. I think I’ll be a better team manager or supervisor or whatever you’re called for football.

How does your team look? Are you excited for football to start?


  1. While doing my research I came across Derrick Henry and saw he went to Alabama. I then conceded to the fact that you’d probably draft him before I could get the chance…and you did. I like my team and I’m glad everyone else has a competitive looking team too. I’m way too excited for football on Sunday, I feel very American.

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    • Good choice on not wanting to fight me for Tide players. The other Alabama player I wanted was Julio Jones but someone else took him early before I could 😦 Besides I wanted OBJ more since someone took Saquon Barkley.

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      • I’m sitting here wearing a Bears shirt after last night’s glorious performance! I think I have Julio Jones, right? If so, I’ll trade him to you. Hey Becky, I just found your website and am confused because I was never getting any updates from you like other sites I “follow”. However, now I hit your “follow this blog” button and I bet that’ll work. But seriously, it already claimed I was “following” your site in the bottom right corner. Apparently I wasn’t. Doh!

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