How Not to Prepare for a Fantasy Baseball Draft

Wait until the last minute to research players and even come up with a strategy.

This probably won’t end well for me.

I have to dust off the books when it comes to fantasy baseball because I haven’t participated since my junior year of college. I was in a league my sophomore and junior years, and I wasn’t good at it. At all.

It doesn’t help I used the “set it and forget it” method.

I’ve also did fantasy football once and came in second in my league. That seemed a little big easier, maybe because there are less games. I just really liked my team’s name: All Hail New York Giants.

(Like from the movie Madagascar when they meet the little lemurs.)


The names of my other two baseball teams were #GetBeard (it was the year after the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series) and Say ReYes to the Dress.

This time, we’re doing a snake draft, which is a million times better than an auction. (That was the style of my first draft, and it took over three hours.) So I just have to have a list of players I’d like to draft. Which I don’t yet. (Well, as of this afternoon.)

I printed out 2018 projections for positions, so hopefully I can make some sense of that. My fall back plan is to try to draft the entire Red Sox, mostly because my team’s name is #FlowBros.

Photo from Guy Boston Sports

My fear is that I’m going to over think it too much. I think going into the draft with a general idea and backups is the best bet and see what happens. Worst case, you can always offer up a trade into the season.

If we all end up sinking, I want “My Heart Will Go On” to play in the background.


  1. I’ve been a nervous wreck about this all day haha. I’m stuck between trying to talk myself into taking certain players and telling myself “Don’t do anything stupid!”. Safe to say I’ll be sweating the whole time.

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  2. Okay, so this has nothing to do with Fantasy Baseball lol, but your ‘contact’ page is broken, but I was thinking: WE SHOULD BE PENPALS! How cool and fun would that be? So old school, but I just have always loved the idea of writing to a friend I don’t know and I have all this quirky cards and anyway, let me know what you think 🙂


    • Oh no, I just went in and fixed the page; it should be working now! Sure, pen pals would be cool! It is definitely old school. I think the only pen pal I ever had was back in elementary school and we’d write to another class at another school in town haha


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