Mamma Mia: Becky Goes to the Movies Again (For the First Time in Three Years)

I went to the movies last week for the first time in probably three years. My ex and I used to go to the movies a lot, and I also went on a “date” to the movies with a guy during my freshman year of college, and I put date in quotations because I don’t think it really was one and it didn’t work out between us. (Thankfully. Also that’s why I can’t watch Silver Linings Playbook.)

I went to see Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again with my mom and her best friend, who I actually went with to see the first Mamma Mia ten years ago. We went out to dinner at Red Robin before going, and I discovered my new love for the Whiskey River BBQ burger.

There’s a movie theater in town that’s in the mall, which is practically dead. There’s maybe five stores, including a Target, and a Panera that’s there anymore. It used to be the hangout when I was in middle school, and I wasn’t part of the group that would go there on Friday nights. So I’m honestly surprised the movie theater is still open in the mall, but at least they got new seats that reclined/rocked a little. But nothing changed, really, since my last time there three years ago.

We’re not a big movie going family; we used to go more when I was younger, and my dad goes with one of his friends to see what I call the “weird” movies, like any Marvel movies, anything in the Star Wars franchise or Alien franchise, etc. Those kinds of movies.

I wish I went to the movies more, but I think it’s because I don’t have anyone to go with. I could probably go by myself, since going to the movies isn’t really “social”. (And you won’t seem like the person who’s eating alone.) But movie tickets are expensive, I’m a baller on a budget, and MoviePass has literally no money, so…

I might try to make more of an effort to go to the movies, but it’s easier to say, “I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix” and either stream it or get the DVDs in the mail—yes, that still exists because my dad gets DVDs all the time. I had to do that for Three Billboards, which I was a little disappointed by. I also went into watching the movie thinking it was going to happen differently based on what I had heard about it.

What’s the last movie you saw in the theaters? How often do you go to the movies? Are you a wait-until-it’s-on-Netflix person?


  1. I’m all the time going to movies! And I’ll keep on using MoviePass until it becomes financially irresponsible to do so. Or they finally go out of business. I’m certain one or the other will happen before we see 2018 come to an end.

    That said, the last movie I saw was The Darkest Minds (because MoviePass). It was okay. I also saw Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (because MoviePass). And I watched the first one that morning because I hadn’t seen it yet and figured, if I was gonna see the sequel, I really needed to have the whole experience. Let me tell you, that was a lot of Abba in one day.

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    • That does sound like a lot of ABBA for one day. I should have rewatched the first Mamma Mia before going to the second one but I already knew what the second one was about so I wasn’t too lost. Although I believe there’s a Mamma Mia sing a long sitting in my DVR… (my mom taped it on NBC a few weeks ago).

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  2. The last movie I saw in a theatre was IT, just because I had seen the original while taking a Horror Fiction class in high school and liked it. Some people go to the movies, I stay home and watch sports. I don’t get excited for movie trailers or actors talking about their movie character on talk shows.

    You mentioned going places alone. I do that sometimes when it comes to food. It started when I would go to Pizza Hut lunch buffet by myself, which was a never-ending 20 minute walk down the street. It closed earlier this year, I’m still bitter about it. As long as you have no shame, attending “social” places alone isn’t all that bad.

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    • I wish I went to the movies more because some of them do seem cool. But then I remember how much movie tickets are and I’m like, that’s too much effort to go and drive to the theater. (I also might be making excuses.)

      I did get ice cream by myself last year, so that’s a start I guess. And I do go shopping by myself, too. I guess it’ll just take baby steps.


      • How much are movie tickets? I think they’re $15 here and then $10+ for just popcorn and a drink. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. They do have half price Tuesdays, but still.

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      • I think they were like $11/$12 each. We have the half price Tuesdays too but that’s still not enough to entice me to go to the movies. And I’m not going to pay that much for popcorn.

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  3. My mom and I used to go to the movies all the time! Now, it’s a bit more difficult to go, but we still try and make it to the movie theater occasionally. The last movie I saw in theaters was Game Night with my boyfriend and I got the worst migraine I’ve ever had in a really long time and not because the movie was bad (it was actually quite funny). Luckily, it didn’t hit me until the movie was almost over, so I guess that was pretty convenient haha!

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    • We used to go more when I was younger, but sometimes it’s hard to find a time that works for everyone. I did go once in college with a group of like ten friends; that was definitely interesting. Migraines are no fun, but I’m glad it was toward the end so you didn’t have to suffer too long!

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  4. I really never go to the movies either. I saw The Incredibles 2 recently, but fell asleep towards the end lol- still liked it though. I love all the Pixar movies. I kind of want to see Eighth Grade, but I will probably just wait to watch it on Amazon or Netflix.

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  5. My last movie was Avengers Infinity War because I’m a huge nerd and I geek out for most comic book films. I use to be an advent movie goer until I had these 2 sons of mine. Now I would have to find a babysitter and pay extra money on top of the 2 tickets for me and my fiance and me being the cheapo I am…well..I only see the super hero movies in theaters now. Everything else just has to wait until it’s Redbox release. I thought silver lining playbook was a good movie actually. Sorry that someone ruined it for you. One day you’ll be over the memory and be able to enjoy it again, I’m sure ☺️

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    • I’ve seen a few of the Marvel movies, all on TV, and I do like them. It’s a little hard for me to figure out what’s going on since I don’t know the back stories, so I make my dad watch them with me and explain everything haha. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for the movies to come out on Redbox to Netflix, just in case it wasn’t what you were expecting. Or you can easily rewatch it again if it’s something you really liked.

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  6. I am not a big movie person, either. I don’t like the frequency of the shared seats OR the people you can hear chewing popcorn or slurping soda or whispering to each other. BUT I did decide to go to the movies to watch Me Before You (my current favorite movie) a couple of years ago. I had been wanting to see it but coordinating adults is like herding cats. So I went by myself. Spontaneously. There were only a few other people there – some girls with their mom, a trio of tweens, and me. I sobbed, so I was really glad I was alone & that it was dark. It was strangely relieving and my favorite trip to the movies ever. Give it a try! 🙂

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    • Haha I agree with you about coordinating adults is like herding cats. It’s so hard to find a time that works for everyone. I’m seriously considering going to a movie by myself, I just have to find one first!


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