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I’m ~three weeks out from my first 5k, and I guess to my surprise, I signed up for another one! This one is in the middle of September in a town one over from mine. There’s a 4H/4-town fair there every year, and the run sort of “kicks” off the fair. It’s Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., with bib pickup starting at 7:00 a.m. It won’t be as pretty as Newport, RI, but at least it’s only twenty minutes away.

I’ve been putting together a running list of races for this year and next year in a Google spreadsheet. There were a handful of races left this year that were within a reasonable distance of where I live, so I decided to do the one in September. My list for next year is at about seven or so, including the Craft Beer Race in Newport in July again. There’s a 10k race that’s run every year just over the border in Holyoke, MA that is my new goal.

I think I should have enough time to train over the winter to be ready to run 6.2 miles, right? It’s a pretty big race during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and I think it’d be fun to run and say I did it. But is it crazy to make my third race ever run a 10k? I mean, if I train for the 5k in September and keep running in the fall and winter, I should be ready… (Running friends: please let me know if this seems unattainable!)

I ran three times last week: twice outside and once inside. New England is doing that thing it does in August when we get wicked intense spot thunderstorms because the humidity feels like it’s a million degrees. So I’m definitely not running outside. I ran this Sunday morning inside on the treadmill and got in a run last night because it wasn’t too hot out. This month and last month just seem to be crazy with either work, doctor’s appointments, or meeting up with friends—which isn’t a bad thing.

Also, running friends I have another question or two!

  1. I want to look into wireless headphones to use when I run. I know in order to get a quality pair, I’ll have to spend a little bit of money but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I’ve heard Beats wireless headphones are good.
  2. I also want to look into using an arm band or running belt. I wasn’t sure what the pros and cons were to each one. I’ve looked at ones on Amazon that seem reasonably priced but haven’t made a decision yet as to which one to get.

I’m hoping this gross humidity breaks soon so I go back to running outside, but for now, I’ll try to squeeze in at least two to three runs per week on my treadmill.


  1. Beats wireless headphones are amazing! I’ve tried other pairs of wireless headphones and so far, the Beats ones have been the best because they stay put and they aren’t bothersome. Definitely worth the price!

    It’s funny that you bring this up because I’ve been thinking about running again, and I started by running outside. You may have inspired me!

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    • I’m definitely going to look into Beats headphones. It’s good that they stay put because I find myself dealing with my headphones now (the regular white cord ones that come with iPhones) and not have them fall out.

      You should start up again! It takes some motivation to get back into the swing of running, but it’s definitely worth it after!

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  2. I’m not a runner but I have a great pair of wireless headphones! They are Jaybird and come with attachments that secure them into the ear. I’ve had them since Christmas and they are amazing

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  3. Liz is right! I use Beats wireless headphones in the gym when I’m working out and they’re awesome. I haven’t used them out in the elements for running, but they do great inside. I use the thin, not so bulky headset if your wondering. It looks like a string with two headphones attached to it. Lol. BEATS makes quite a few different styles so I wanted to be specific.
    Great job on the run training, Becky! Keep at it. You, too, are my motivation to hit the pavement again someday soon. 😄

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    • Beats headphones so far seem to be the front runner for wireless headphones. I’m going to look into those. I’m tired of dealing with the cord headphones I’m using now, so I’m hoping to get a new pair before my race next month.

      I was never a runner, but I started running in my junior year of college and picked it up again this year. I’m not the best but it’s a work in progress. You never really know what you can accomplish until you try! Best of luck when you decide to start again!

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  4. Love that you are doing all these races. I should definitely look into some in Chicago to do. I feel like races are such a great way to stay motivated. Based on my experience, you can definitely be prepared for your 10k if you are training for your 5ks before— you will definitely be surprised how naturally the extra 5k comes! I am excited to hear all about your training.

    For headphones, I use the wireless Beats. I have the ones that go in your ear but also around the back (if that makes sense— I think Powerbeats 3) and I like them a lot for running or just working out in general. As for somewhere you put your phone, I have something that I wear around my waist. Not sure where it’s from because my mom got it for me awhile back, but I prefer it to an arm band just because I feel like arm bands weigh me down on one side- which I have never liked in running, but many people probably don’t even notice that lol.

    Let us know what you go with! 🙂

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    • I signed up for the race last month so I had something to work toward, and I wanted to find another one for the end of this year. Because if I don’t have anything to work toward, I feel like I won’t keep running.

      Everyone has been saying Beats are great, so I’m going to look into those. I get what you’re saying; I’ve seen those kind before. I think whether I use an arm band or running belt will depend on what I need to carry with me. So that’s why I’m thinking just to get one of each. Because if I’m just running outside or on the track, I’d just need the band, but if I’m doing a race and need to carry extra things with me, a belt might work better. I’ll recheck prices on Amazon and see if I can get one of each for a reasonable price.

      I’ll keep you updated!

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  5. This is great, I’ve been meaning to start training for some races as well! I’m glad you mentioned wireless headphones because it reminds me that I wanted to pick some up as well. I switch back and forth between running outside and doing the elliptical inside depending on the weather, but I do wanna start doing regular-ish races. Also, I think you should be a-ok to train for a 6K!

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    • I feel like the races give me motivation to keep running, because if I didn’t have anything to work toward, I’d probably stop running. The race I did last month was so much fun, so I’m looking forward to the one next month. I figure wireless headphones will work better than the regular cord headphones I’m using now. Just one less thing to worry about. I used to do the elliptical when I was at college; they had machines with TVs in them, so I’d always go and watch Law & Order SVU! haha.

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  6. I know nothing about headphones or exercise, but I COMPLETELY BELIEVE IN YOU to achieve your new goal!! I can’t wait to hear how your next race goes and continue to read about your progress. You are an inspiration! ❤

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  7. This is awesome! I’m gonna have to take a page out of your book & write down the races I want to complete ahead of time & not make last minute decisions as usual!

    I have the beats x headphones, I debated for a while before buying them since I was skeptical about the flex cable & if it would affect my running but you don’t notice it after the first time! Also they don’t slip out of your ears at all but they also didn’t end up breaking my budget which was important.

    I tried a running band once & it kept slipping off (which is why I ended up buying my watch). I have been looking into running belts but haven’t made a concrete decision yet, if you find one let me know!

    You got this girl! You’ll be more than okay if you keep up with the running 🙂

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    • I feel like there are so many races, and I’d want to keep track of them, so the nerd in me loved making a spreadsheet. It definitely helps you plan out the ones you want to do and when you have to register by.

      Beats seem to be the clear winner. I briefly looked into them but haven’t made a final decision yet. Good to know they don’t slide out, that’s a big thing for me.

      I feel like I’m leaning toward a belt, but not sure yet. I’ll definitely let you know!

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  8. I got a pair of beats wireless headphones! Not the big ones that athletes commonly wear. They’re small ones that hook around the ear, so they don’t fall off when I’m workout out. I don’t run lot, but if I’m doing step ups or side lunges, etc. they stay in place! The quality is also good & I can usually use them for 406 workouts before they need a charge. I got a pink/grey pair on Amazon for about $90.
    Good luck with the arm band – you seem to also be petite, and I have trouble finding ones that fit! .xo.

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    • I started looking a little bit and I know which ones you’re talking about. I was leaning toward those because they have the part that goes behind your ears and they aren’t too expensive.

      I might be leaning toward a running belt, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to do a little more research into ones. If I find a band that works, I’ll let you know!

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