Failed All Star Skill Ideas

Ah, it’s the All-Star break for Major League Baseball. Players who got the nod have headed to Washington, D.C. to play at Nationals Park, or others who weren’t so lucky head home for a few days of relaxation. (Or if you’re Andrew Benintendi, you post an Instagram picture of you and your girlfriend without her tagged in it and the comments disabled.)

Bryce Harper won the Home Run Derby, and as I’m writing this post Tuesday night pre-All Star Game and scheduling it for Wednesday night, I don’t know who won the mid-summer classic that once used to decide home-field advantage in the World Series. Now they just get money.

The Home Run Derby is the only real skills competition during this week, and sure everyone loves some dingers, but what about other skills contests? The Derby started in 1985, and although young compared to the 89th annual All-Star Game, I think MLB should start introducing some new skills competitions. (I’m a huge fan of the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, though.)

Here’s a non-extensive list of some ideas MLB could implement:

  • How much bubble gum you can fit in your mouth
  • Fastest to eat an entire bag of seeds
  • How far can you spit sunflower seed shells
  • Fastest to run the bases running backward
  • Cornhole but with five-gallon buckets and baseballs
  • Playing a position you don’t play
  • Best bunt
  • Fastest pitch with your non-throwing arm
  • First base pick offs (a skills competition not made for Jon Lester)
  • Stealing home
  • Hot dog eating contest
  • Catching a ball while holding a beer then chugging it
  • Any drinking games
  • Most jerseys cut up in five minutes (a Chris Sale specialty)

What’s your favorite part of MLB’s All-Star game week?


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