If I Were MLB Commissioner

This post is the creation of a conversation I had with Paul about the recent information that’s come to light about the Houston Astros sign stealing in 2017.

My response was to take away the 2017 World Series Championship, and after Paul said that the league would never do such a thing, I suggested—in all caps, of course—that I should run the league. Which prompted the following ideas:

  • I’d go by Commissioner Becky
  • There would be an evaluation system to determine if any meeting could actually just be an email
    • And if there had to be a meeting, it would be catered
  • There would also be an ice cream stand in the front office
  • Every team would have to have a bullpen cart that bullpen pitchers would be required to use
  • Also every team would replace bat boys with bat dogs, specifically golden retrievers
  • I’d bring back the intentional walk
  • Minor leaguers would be paid so much better than they are now
  • Any player who receives a lifetime ban would not be reinstated after two years
  • There would be more fun skill competitions during the All-Star Game
  • Position players will be able to pitch whenever
  • The All-Star Game voting will go back to what it was before because last year’s voting was super confusing

What would you do if you were MLB commissioner? Thoughts on the Astros sign stealing situation?


  1. I don’t know what I’d do if I were commissioner. I’d get to watch a lot more games, for sure. In regards to meetings that could’ve been emails, that should be the standard. Everywhere. That goes for catered meetings that have to be meetings, too.

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    • I’ve yet to have a meeting that’s had food, and I was even in a lunchtime meeting earlier this year. I put up such a fuss about snacks and food at meetings that if I were commissioner that would be my first act.

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