Still Swiping Left on Dating Apps

So I guess this post is a follow up to this one saying nothing has changed since March.

Three-ish weeks ago I went for drinks and apps with two of my friends—one works at the ice cream shop with me now and one used to and came home from Boston for the weekend—and I ended up downloading Hinge. For those of you who, like me at the time, didn’t know it’s a dating app, well it’s one of the newer dating apps out there.

Instead of having a bio, you answer three questions of your choosing and those display in your profile along with six pictures and some basic information: age, height, whether you drink/smoke, etc, education, job, all that stuff. So you get to know someone a little better, even if it’s not a whole lot of info. And you can send a like and match with the person if they like you back.

You know, modern dating.

I downloaded it on a Friday and deleted it off my phone by that Tuesday. Then against my better judgment, I re-downloaded it that Friday and just deleted it off my phone yesterday, about two weeks later.

I matched with some guys but conversations never really went anywhere. And that’s when I get bored and/or discouraged and wonder why I feel like I’m wasting my time. One guy asked for my number and we texted for about a week before he ghosted me 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t think either of us were good at texting since we sent each other a total of two texts a day. (But I’m my defense, I worked 55 hours that week.)

I thought I’d give Hinge a shot for ha has, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe it’s because I’ve had bad experiences with “dating” or “talking to” or whatever with guys from dating apps. I know meeting guys on there when you’re looking for an actual relationship probably isn’t the best idea, but there’s always that one in a million chance someone meets his/her soulmate.

I sound bitter, but dating’s never been my strong suit. I don’t want to disclose a lot of information about myself to someone if it doesn’t end up working out. With the two guys I talked to for about a week while Hinge was installed on my phone, we only talked about baseball or the Section 10 Podcast. So no harm, no foul.

I also noticed that some of the guys I was coming across on Hinge used to be on Tinder/Bumble when I had them installed on my phone—last summer and fall. So not sure what to think if they all look familiar. Also not sure if it’s good that I’m still on the apps and recognizing people.

Dating isn’t a big priority right now for me, so I’m not heartbroken over my short lived Hinge adventure. I guess it’s nice to know that nothing’s changed when it comes to dating apps?

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