Life Update

June went by so fast. I can’t believe tomorrow’s the Fourth of July already. I feel like I sound like an old person, wondering why the world is spinning so fast and “Where does the time go?!” I guess that’s what happens when you’re working two jobs.

My actual job is going fine, and my offer to pick up an extra shift at the ice cream shop has quickly turned into me working between two and four shifts a week—or ten to twenty hours.

Last week I worked 55 hours between both, and I survived but I felt like I got nothing done during the week. By Friday, I had a pile of at least six pairs of shoes kicked off on my floor and laundry stacking up on my desk chair because I was too lazy to put it away.

My work week was two days this week, and tomorrow I start a five day weekend. I normally take a long weekend around my birthday/Memorial Day and my second long weekend is normally around the Fourth. I don’t go on vacation, and I’d feel weird taking an entire week off of work, so I’d rather do long weekends. I plan on floating in my pool all five days and reading.

I finished “The President is Missing” and I really liked it but feel like I’ll need to re-read it to fully understand the story. (Now that I know how it ends, I want to re-read it to see if I can figure it out again along the way.) On Monday night, I went to the library to get a couple more books because I know I’d finish TPIM while I’m off. I got “Not That I Could Tell” by Jennifer Strawser off the new fiction shelf and “Long Gone” by Alafair Burke. I read two of her books over Memorial Day weekend and loved them, so I figured I’d start reading some of her other ones.

I doubt I’ll get any runs in for my 5k training this week because I want to relax and plus we’re in the middle of a heat wave here in New England. It hit 100 degrees on Sunday, and it’s supposed to be in the mid 90s all week 😨 Granted I could run inside on the treadmill in my basement… we’ll see what I can do.

I’m going to a Hartford Yard Goats game on Saturday with my parents and one of my mom’s friends. It’ll be my first of the year, and I’m excited to go back. I plan on drinking my weight in beer—Thomas Hooker Brewery has a “Nectar of the Goats” beer that I’ve had before and it’s great—and eating my weight in Bear’s BBQ as well.

My parents and I are also going to go mini golfing and to the batting cages either Thursday or Friday since my dad has the week off from work. I make them do things with me since I don’t have anyone to do stuff with. Also #OnlyChildProblems.

I finished Quantico on Netflix the other week and was thinking about watching it again. I’m mad they cancelled it after the third season that’s airing now. I started watching The Blacklist and love it. Not sure why I’m into FBI shows and thriller books…

Speaking of books, I’ve hardly touched my fiction story I’ve been working on. I just haven’t had the time. Little things for it will pop into my head and if I remember, I’ll put them into a Notes doc in my Google Drive, but I haven’t really sat down to write anything. I wish that I could just think what I wanted to write and it would magically appear on the computer. That just sounds like me being lazy.

I’m still on my podcast kick. And I still highly recommend Brunch. I also started listening to the Section 10 Podcast and it’s wonderful. Well, as wonderful as a Barstool-sponsored podcast can be.

I hope everyone has a great Fourth! Use sunscreen! ☀️


  1. The Blacklist is great! I’m all caught up on it so if you need someone to yell to about it, I volunteer myself. Also, the Yard Goats is an awesome team name haha

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    • Will it be good yelling or bad yelling? Apparently a “yard goat” has something to do with trains and apparently Hartford has a history of trains… if anything, it makes for good marketing and a fun minor league team name.

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  2. Hey girl! I hope you had a good fourth! Reading about all of your reading has really put me in the mood to read or better yet just go by a bunch of books. I think I may love buying books more than actually reading them lol.
    Do you even need a reason to like FBI shows? I mean, I like them too. I couldn’t get into Quantico. I watched part of the first season with my parents, but got really confused, but I might be able to keep up if I binged it on Netflix. Do you like the Law and Order shows?

    Also, it sounds like you are going to have a fabulous weekend ahead of you and I’m pretty jealous!

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    • I struggle with buying books haha. I used to buy a bunch when I was younger when I’d get Barnes & Noble gift cards for Christmas, but I feel less commitment if I get them from the library. Like if I get one I don’t really like, then I don’t feel bad about just returning it to the library. But there’s also something comforting about buying books or just being in a bookstore.

      The first season of Quantico can be a little confusing. I looked ahead on Wikipedia to see how the first season ended while I was in the middle of the season, so I knew what happened and kind of knew what to look for. I’d recommend giving it another shot if you have the time. I’m obsessed with SVU. I used to watch it all the time in college and my roommates would make fun of me. I’ve watched a handful of the original L&O here and there when it’s on TV, and I could never get into the Criminal Intent one. Ice-T’s character is my favorite on SVU.

      Hope you had a great fourth! 🙂

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      • I always think about getting a library card, but I just love knowing a book is mine, but I have been getting duds lately and would love not feeling like I have to finish it.

        OMG I LOVE SVU! I’m watching right now all the way through for like the third time. Ice T is fantastic haha!

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