“Is Philly Still Standing?” and Other Questions I Have After the Super Bowl

I may have gotten heartburn from all of the yummy food I ate on Sunday, but the big game didn’t cause any acid reflux for me. It was a darn good game, and although I was asked at work if I was sad about the loss—I had to explain my weird sports affiliations—I was quite happy with the outcome.

We have a quote board at work, and Monday morning I requested to write on it:

Hey, guess what all of America: Tom Brady isn’t the untouchable God you think he is. Especially against any team from the NFC East since 2007.

He clearly can’t throw and catch the ball at the same time, apparently Giselle was right.

Cris Collinsworth was borderline obsessed with the fourth down Foles touchdown catch. It was creepy.

The best part of the entire game?

The NFL commercial with Eli Manning and OBJ. I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

So this game does leave me with some questions, like:

  • Will the city of Philadelphia ever recover?
  • Was it worse that it was happy Eagles fans rioting than angry Eagles fans rioting?
  • Why is Cris Collinsworth so obsessed with Foles’s new receiver skills?
  • How did Bradley Cooper get the privilege to sit in the Eagles owner’s box? (That wasn’t part of Silver Linings Playbook.)
  • What is actually considered a catch in the National Football League?
  • How drunk did Kevin Hart get to think they’d allow him on the stage after the game was over?
  • How cute is Nick Foles’s daughter?!

Go congrats to the Eagles. And sucks to suck right now for the Patriots.

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