That’s it.

That’s my post.

It’s Truck Day.

But for those of you who don’t know about Truck Day or celebrate its wonderfulness, here’s a little run down.

Truck Day is the day where Major League Baseball teams pack up tractor trailers with supplies for spring training. It’s the unofficial start of baseball season, and over the years, the teams have celebrated the day on social media.

This morning my beloved Red Sox packed up their trucks to head down to Fort Myers for spring training. Even Wally showed up for the event:

Pitchers and catchers report in nine days (!!!) and then the position players will make their way down to a place that’s much warmer than New England. Full squad workouts start February 19, and the team’s Grapefruit League opener is February 23.

This makes me very happy because my favorite sport is officially back. It means that warmer weather, my favorite guys, and Benny’s glorious hair will be back soon enough.



  1. OH. This makes sense. I saw someone say Happy Truck Day on Twitter this morning but assumed it was one of those meaningless made up holidays. This is far from that. I’m concerned the 20 cases of bubble gum isn’t enough though.

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    • It depends how much bubble gum is in each case. The cases could be huge for all we know and 20 could be enough. But let’s me honest, the more bubble gum the better.

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