Russell Wilson Traded to the Yankees for “Future Considerations” (Whoever That Is)

Apparently, in amidst all of the signing day notifications I got today, I missed that Russell Wilson got traded from the Rangers to the Yankees.

Yes, that Russell Wilson you’re thinking of.

I knew he had flirted with baseball but didn’t know that he actually was still claimed by a professional team.

So to ESPN I go: Wilson was drafted in 2010 by the Rockies, then the Rangers selected him off of the Rockies’ roster in the 2013 Rule 5 Draft. He made two appearances in at the Rangers’ Cactus League complex in 2014 and 2015.

Then the Rangers wanted some “future considerations” and traded Wilson to the Yankees. He issued a statement today about the trade:


I guess “future considerations” is the new “player to be named later”. I wonder what the Rangers will get in exchange for the Seahawks quarterback. (BECAUSE HE PLAYS IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, BTW.)

I mean, you could guess the typical random sum of money, but the team could send like a bunch of cases of bubble gum, some new baseballs, or a mini replica of Yankee Stadium.

Baseball Reference defines “future considerations” as:

…a euphemism used in discussing transactions that usually refers to a small amount of money paid by a team to obtain a player’s contract.

In theory, when a player is acquired for future considerations, it means that, at the end of the season, the acquiring team will send another player of equivalent value to the team that traded the original player. However, in practice, when a player is said to be traded for future considerations, it almost always means that his contract was sold for an amount of cash too inconsequential to be worthy of mention.

So the Rangers will most likely get some amount of money. Probably a very small amount of money.

Hopefully, the Yankees won’t do what the Mets did when Tim Tebow played in their minor league system and turn it into a PR stunt. (Although coming from someone who’s in marketing, that would be a good campaign.)

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