Post-Super Bowl LVII Thoughts

I prepped for the Super Bowl by reading, napping, and more reading, flipping between the Puppy Bowl and the 5.5 hours of pre-game coverage on FOX, and assisting Josh in changing the bed sheets. Our plans had changed the day before—Josh’s best friend was set to be our first house guest as a cohabitating couple until he got COVID—so it was just going to be the two of us at home. We didn’t have a problem with that, and it meant I could shamelessly wear my New York Giants onesie.

We started making our snacks around 5:00 p.m. so we could eat close enough to game time that we weren’t eating everything before kick-off. Josh manned the air fryer and cooked honey BBQ boneless chicken bites, chicken and cheese taquitos, and pretzel dogs. I made a stovetop spinach and artichoke dip—which could be the one thing I’d eat for the rest of my life. Our beers of choice were Ice Cream Man from Back East Brewing (me) and Julius and Tiny Treat from Tree House (Josh).

Similar to past games, I went to bed before it was over but Josh stayed up to watch the end. I guess I missed a penalty call on the Eagles that basically set up the field goal for the Chiefs. I now yield the floor to Josh who has a few things to say:

I enjoyed the game up until that stupid holding penalty. The entire game was super competitive, and it could have gone either way. Both teams’ corners were holding the entire game, and it wasn’t being called, which I was happy about. Let them play! Of course, with 1:54 left, tied at 35-35, the stupid refs called holding on James Bradberry. You let them hold all game, you call it then on a 3rd down where the Chiefs were going to be forced to kick a field goal, and it would have given the Eagles at least 90 seconds to go down the field. Instead, this awful call gave the Chiefs an automatic first down, and they were able to run the clock down to 11 seconds which sealed the deal for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win. I’m not a fan of either team, but it’s complete BS to call that penalty when you allowed it all game, and it ruined the entire ending of the game. End rant…

Observations and in-coherent ramblings from the game via the Notes app on my phone:

We got Rick Rolled—literally—by a commercial in the pre-game when we scanned a QR code on the screen. So we decided to never scan a QR code on TV again.

Damar Hamlin!!!! So nice to see him show up and mingle with the healthcare staff members from the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and the hospital in Cinny where he was treated.  

Ms. Howard from Abbott Elementary sang the Black National Anthem! We didn’t realize that she was also a singer—a really good one at that—and all we could picture is her character from the show.

*seeing the Eagles coach crying during the National Anthem*
Me: Dude, pull it together.

The all-women flyover team!!!

Loved the Dunkin Ben Affleck commercial. Probably our favorite one from the night. “Grab me a glazed!”

*I come back into the living room*
Josh: Papi was in a chip commercial.
*I rewind to watch the commercial*
Me: That’s a Draft Kings commercial where he’s eating chips. 

We liked the Bradley Cooper commercial and the Michelob Ultra one. 

Remember when Andy Reid was like the only coach who wore a face mask and it always fogged up on him?

Rihanna’s hair in her promo commercials is giving me Cindy Lou Who vibes. 

Nick Jonas and his annual diabetes commercial!

Really liked the Uber One commercial with the jingles. 

Pete Davidson is literally everywhere. 

The Farmer’s Dog commercial 🥺😭 (I was reaaaaaally hoping the dog wasn’t going to die at the end.)

Rihanna makes me feel like I’m back in high school again. All of the dancers were very in sync. But a pretty good performance overall. 

Oh God, the bunnies are terrifying. And would not want to make me sign up for Tubi. 

Who would have thought the grass would be an issue?

Miles Teller 😍 and the Bud Light commercial dancing to the hold music. 


  1. The Bud Light commercial with Miles Teller and his wife was my favorite. 🙂 I’m not a big football watcher (used to be a big Redskins fan…), but watched the majority of the SB. The final holding call really ruined the entirety of the game for me. Who wants to see a really close game where the teams are so evenly matched end with one team running out the clock and kicking the ball? It was a terrible letdown.

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