Trip to the Library

In case anyone is new here, I absolutely love going to the library. I’ve been going to the town library for years to take books out, and while I was in grad school, I’d go to do my readings or write papers. I hardly buy books, so I take full advantage of the library because I can take out a bunch and not feel bad if I don’t like one because I can just return it.

Nine times out of ten, I will research books before going and have a list of books I want to get. I utilize my town library’s catalog so I can see what books they have and if they’re checked out or available on the shelf. I use Goodreads to create a “want to read” shelf that I’ll review as well as any posts I’ve saved on my blog’s Instagram through the Bookstagram accounts I follow (typically those are more of the newer releases while my “want to read” shelf is any book I come across and am interested in reading). I like to have a list of a handful of books that I want to get, but I’ll also just randomly grab books, too, especially from the new section.

One perk of staying in the same town when I moved out is that I got to keep my town library card. It’s about ten minutes from my condo, so not a far drive. You’re able to check out the books for three weeks, so I usually go every three weeks when my books are due. Sometimes it’s on a Saturday, other times it’s a weeknight after dinner. 

When possible, Josh likes to come with me on these trips. He’ll follow me around and carry my canvas tote bag as I just put book and book inside of it (especially when it gets heavy). I have a habit of just picking books off the shelves and not realizing actually how many I took out until I check out.

My first stop once I get to the library is the new fiction section, which is where I get most of my books. Then I’ll go to the new non-fiction section, which is right next to the new fiction area, which includes new biographies, too. Every once in a while—it’s super rare—I’ll venture over to the young adult section; I’ve read a few books from there in the past years but haven’t really found anything else I’m interested in. My final stop is the fiction stacks where I’ll wander around or look for books on my list that are shelved back there.

Last night Josh accompanied me to the library and took his blog boyfriend responsibilities seriously by taking photos and holding my bag for me. Out of the 8 books I got, 7 were from the new section—I definitely lucked out with that—and only 1 was from the fiction stacks. I would have gotten a ninth one but I couldn’t seem to find it on the shelves.

Over the course of when the library was open during the early stages of the pandemic, my mom and I ended up getting to know one of the women who works behind the check-out desk. In the winter of 2020, you’d have to make a reservation to go, and my mom and I would go on a weeknight when there was hardly anyone there. After the reservation requirement was lifted, my mom and I would still go during the week and would usually see the same library workers. The one we got to know still recognizes me now that I go on my own, which is nice. She was there last night and we chatted for a few minutes while she scanned my books.

And after our trip, Josh and I stopped for ice cream at the shop where I used to work since it’s just a few minutes away from the library. So I got to do some of my favorite things last night: books and ice cream. Oh, and spending time with Josh.


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