Ask Me Condo Questions!

In honor of my one-year anniversary in my condo on July 18, I want to do a year recap post and want to include questions from you guys! You can ask anything about my condo, the buying process, how I live on my own, how I haven’t given myself food poisoning yet, really anything you guys can think of.

The deadline to submit a question in the comments of this post is next Friday, July 15! 🙂


  1. Any weird neighbors or neighbor stories? Thoughts on getting a pet? Have you replaced those ugly-to-you lights in your bathroom yet (I still think they’re stunning; just not for a bathroom)? Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget? Now that you’re in a relationship, have you two discussed moving in together?

    You don’t have to answer everything; just putting some curiosities out there.

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  2. 1. What are some of the things you’ve had to Google because there isn’t anyone around to ask?
    2. Is there anything you wish you had known about your condo before moving in?
    3. Which room do you like to read in?
    4. What’s the worst thing about living alone?
    5. What would you still like to add to your condo?
    6. Do you talk to yourself?
    7. Do you have a designated spot at the kitchen table or do you switch it up?
    8. Is there a food/meal you’ve made where, afterward, you’re like “Wow, I’m really proud of myself for making that.”?

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