Condo Chronicles: Condo Creatures

When I moved into my condo last summer, I didn’t move anywhere crazy or out of the ordinary; the complex is between residential neighborhoods on the other side of the town I’ve grown up in. So it’s safe to say I’m not seeing any crazy animals around, but I’ve found myself pretty fascinated with the wildlife.

As I said back in my tour post, the squirrels here are ridiculous:

You know how squirrels on college campuses are a bit weird? Like it seems something’s just off about them? I’m convinced the squirrels that live in the trees at my condo place were once campus squirrels in their past lives because they’re weird. All they do is chase each other up the trees and make an awful screeching noise. It’s great.

Condo Chronicles: Tour

I’ve been keeping an eye on them since I moved in, and apparently, they’ve been keeping an eye on me too.

This happened back in December of last year when I was working from home one day. My desk in my office faces the window, and our garages are detached in front of the condo building. I looked up and saw the squirrel on the garage’s roof, and it must have seen me because it ran across the board to look at me through the window.

I’ve also had them run across my back balcony, thankfully when I’ve been inside. I don’t know what’s going to happen once I set up my outdoor furniture and start spending more time outside. I don’t want any uninvited guests on my balcony.

And this conversation happened in January when I was working from home for most of the month; it’s a text change I had with Josh about a squirrel I was watching at the recycling bins outside of my condo.

We’re allowed to have pets here, so there are a couple of cats that I see out back when the weather is nice. I’m pretty sure one of them lives in the condo below me because I’ve run into him hanging out by the shared door we have. He’s incredibly chatty, always meowing, and he even let me pet him last weekend, which I found to be an accomplishment.

In addition to the cats, I usually see the people who live across the cul-de-sac who have dogs, and people like to walk their dogs in our complex since it’s pretty quiet. I’ve seen a corgi walking a few times and I want to find out where it lives because it’s super cute.

And recently one morning I saw a raccoon out back. At first, I thought it was a cat but it didn’t look like the usual ones I see, and then I could see its face and tail. It was around 8:30 a.m., and it reminded me of that time I saw two baby raccoons on one of my runs. Thankfully I was looking at it through my bedroom window so I was definitely safe from the weird raccoon out on an early morning walk.

As the weather gets nicer, I’m going to keep looking for other creatures to show up, but for now as long as the squirrels stop being crazy, that’d be great.


  1. I was driving back from the gym the other night (about 2 miles from points A and B) and saw 4 deer, a bunny, an opossum, and a racoon. Granted I live in the country and spring is finally making an appearance. We also have a groundhog living under our deck, a skunk that roam the neighborhood, and a family of chipmunks that live in our brush pile. My husband says it makes him feel like a Disney Princess being surround by all the wild animals. 😊

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