Date Night

The origin of “date night” in my house started back when I was in high school and working at the ice cream shop. When I first started, I didn’t have my license yet, so my parents would drop me off on Friday nights, go to dinner, and then come get ice cream. The girls got to know my parents’ routine and would get worried if they didn’t show up.

I’m not completely sure if date night continued while I was away at college, but once I graduated, I would join them on Fridays if I wasn’t at the ice cream shop. (I’d work weekends when I started my first full-time job out of college as well as when I started at my current job.) And now that I’ve moved out, we still keep up with date night every Friday; my mom will usually text me Thursday to see if I’m coming, and to see if Josh is coming, too, since he always has a standing invitation to date night. It’s nice to look forward to not having to make dinner on Friday and helps with my meal planning for the week. (Also, meeting up with my parents on Fridays is when I’ll get any packages I have shipped to their house and/or we’ll go see the pups after.)

We’ve been going to the same restaurant for date night since it started. It’s a family-owned restaurant in town that has pizza, grinders, pasta—basically all of my favorite foods. Throughout our time there, we’ve had a few consistent waitresses, and it’s great to see them every week, especially since some of them know our usual orders.

Josh and I have started our own tradition of a monthly date night. With our schedules and other adventures/plans we make, we decided monthly would work best for us. I think it started back in January when we went out for our six-month anniversary to the brewery where we had our first date. It was fun to get dressed up and meet each other there and have a “date” together. We’ve had two more since, and there’s no day set in stone; it’s more flexible depending on our schedules, but we’re definitely making an effort to go out to dinner once a month together.

What’s a tradition you have with family or friends that you’ve been doing for a while/look forward to/find interesting?


  1. My birthday and my mom’s birthday are separated by one day and we call it Tweener Day. When I was younger, I would skip school and mom would ditch work and we would just spend the day together shopping, having lunch, getting pedicure… whatever we felt like doing. It got to the point that my classmates and even some teachers know about Tweener Day. Since I’ve gotten older and now live 200 miles away, Tweener Day is sometimes hard to celebrate, but we do what we can; often times meeting half way between our homes to have lunch together.

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  2. […] On Wednesday after work, I’ll either go for a run in the neighborhood or just relax and watch some TV before I make dinner. I’ll read before bed and try to be in bed by 10:00 p.m. like any other weeknight. On Fridays, Josh will come over and we’ll meet my parents for our weekly date night. […]


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