One Good Thing: Week of March 7

My One Good Thing for this past week is that it almost feels like spring! (And as I say that, we’ll probably get a bunch of snow this month.) This past week we had a few sunny days and this week it’s going to hit 60 degrees on Thursday. The warmer-ish weather also means I’ve officially switched to iced coffees from Dunkin’. I’m obsessed with the Irish Creme swirl. I’m also excited for next Sunday when we change the clocks so that it’ll definitely be lighter outside later and I can start running after work again.

What’s one good thing that’s happened in the last week for you?


  1. We don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts here and I seriously feel like I’m missing out!

    Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of MCDs coffees, iced coffees, and lattes because they have a great promotion happening right now! I usually send my husband to MCDs for a coffee run 😂 He has the app and the promotion only works if you order from the app.

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  2. YAY changing the clocks! I can’t wait!

    I had a few very promising replies to cold-emails I sent out about jobs and a few other schools who have an active post for a position up so I have applied to them as well.

    Its been a year now since the pandemic started so I hope we are closer to the end! My dad got his first vaccine, with his second dose scheduled for April 5th!

    And I am LOOOOOOOLOVING the books you’ve recommended and feel like all 8 I have ordered from the library are from your suggestions as well haha

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    • Woo hoo for your dad getting his vaccine! Both of my parents have gotten their first shot this week.

      And yay! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books I suggested. Let me know if you ever need anymore recs!

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      • Im just a little annoyed at how slow the roll out is in Canada for the vaccine. Like for real. As a person who HAS to go to work every day, I expected to be vaccinated early. Its looking like June-July for teachers 😡

        And definitely will! A few of yours I have on hold now and I’m like hold #258 on one, 120 on another LOL it’ll be a while before I get to them lol

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