So I Started Doing Yoga…

This is one of the things I’ve taken up in quarantine: yoga. It originally started with thinking I’m that person who could do and would like at home workouts, but after one week of doing that, I was like, “nope.” (I was finding workouts on Instagram, which were popping up everywhere since everyone was home.) So I thought yoga might be less sweaty and better for my anxiety.

I ordered a yoga mat from Amazon in the beginning of April, and they lost it. The mat didn’t ship after three weeks—even though my parents were ordering and receiving items from the same Prime account—and I tried to cancel the order at the end of the month. It wouldn’t let me cancel it, then said it would arrive at my house the next day—although it hadn’t shipped yet—and then never showed up. I checked back and Amazon was like, “Uh, yeah, so we lost the mat…Whoops.” I ended up ordering a mat from Gaiam—this one in cool mint—that came in less than a week.

I’ve never done yoga before, so I didn’t quite know where to start. My intention with yoga was to do runner’s yoga to help me stretch out for my runs. I looked up “runner’s yoga” on Youtube and came across Yoga with Adriene. She’s become my go-to for yoga videos; the length ranges from 15 to 30 minutes, and she’s calming to listen to. She had a few specific runner’s yoga videos that I used, and I found others that were for hips and lower back, places I tend to feel tight.

I try to do yoga twice a week, and I’ll either use one of Adriene’s videos or take some of the moves/positions and do my own session depending on what I want to stretch out. It’s also a time for me to control my breathing and focus just on that, and I’m able to sort of shut my mind off. Plus from sitting during the day for work, it’s nice to stretch and relax a bit.

What’s a new hobby you’ve taken up during quarantine?


  1. Yay for Yoga! (I’m a Yoga instructor, so I always get a bit giddy when someone unrolls their mat.)

    And, extra credit for recognizing that Yoga is more than just about making your body supple and strong. The benefits for the mind and nervous system — especially during this weirdo time — is probably even more important.


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