How My 2020 Resolutions Are Going

I’m not really sure why I’m even doing this post because as you’ll read on, my resolutions basically went out the window in mid-March. But, hey, if you’re looking to kill a few minutes, read on!

Run 10 races

HAHAHAHA this is funny. Real funny. As soon as COVID starting hitting in mid-March, my two races in March were cancelled—RIP St. Patrick’s Day race and all of those beers I was going to drink post-race—and one I had in April got moved to September. (I’m not even sure now if that will happen.) Plus one in June got cancelled, too. So I will not be running even close to 10 races this year.

Run a 10K

I think I actually accomplished this, if you count the virtual UConn Health 10K I did in the beginning of June. I mean, I did get a nice t-shirt and really nice medal, so I think it counts.

Run a sub-30 5K

This definitely won’t happen in a race this year but it is possible for just a regular run. I participated in a virtual 5K race through the student activities office on campus in April and my time as 30:56, which is my best 5K time ever, so under 30 minutes is possible.

Read 65 books (including the Harry Potter series)

As I write this, I’ve read 33 books so far this year. Goodreads says I’m 1 book ahead of schedule. I did read the Harry Potter series during the beginning of quarantine, which was a great way to pass the time.

Make more plans with friends

HAHAHAHA this is another funny one. Before COVID, I did get drinks with one of my co-workers, got dinner with a few girls from the ice cream shop, and had dinner with a friend from college. So at least I tried.

Use positive talk with myself more

I’m not really sure if there’s a good way to measure this. I’ve been trying to not set such high expectations for myself and that my best is just fine.

How are you resolutions looking right now?

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  1. seems like you did the best you could, considering the circumstances! a good way to accomplish the last one could be to do positive mantras once a day, just making a habit out of saying something nice to yourself in the mirror. 🙂

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