My Favorite Beers

My very first introduction to beer was PBR.

First and last time I’ve ever drank it.

If PBR is for you, then great. It’s just not for me. Thankfully my taste(s) have changed since then.

My go-to drink at the bar senior year was McKenzie’s pumpkin cider—I was obsessed with it. I also drank my fair share of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and Yuengling. Once I graduated, I gravitated toward any fruity beers, like Wachusett Blueberry. I wasn’t too big on IPAs because I had tried one during college that I remember being wicked flowery. Never did I think that now that’s all I drink.

I’m a big fan of New England IPAs, milkshake IPAs, sours, and sessions. I don’t drink stouts; they’re disgusting. I drink a lot of craft beers, and my go-to domestic beer is Samuel Adams; if I’m going somewhere and don’t have a list available right away, nine times out of ten, places have some sort of Sams, so I’ll get that—either the original lager or whatever seasonal one is on tap.

Tree House Brewing is big out here, and I’m in the minority here but I think it’s just okay. I’ve only been out to the brewery twice, and they don’t sell cans outside of the brewery, so you have to go there to get them. Thus the hours and hours you could spend standing in line. I went there last fall, and we made a day out of it because we waited like two hours in line. There are a few beers they make that I do like, but for the most part, a lot of the IPAs taste the same to me *shrug emoji*

(Disclaimer: This list below is very reflective of the fact that I live in Connecticut and I drink a lot of local craft beers from Connecticut and Massachusetts.)

Favorite beers I’ll always grab

  • Whirpool from Night Shift Brewing
  • Any milkshake IPA from Abandoned Building Brewery
  • Nectar of the Goats from Thomas Hooker Brewing Co.
  • Rec. League from Harpoon Brewery
  • Lil’ Heaven from Two Roads Brewing Company
  • Really anything from Problem Solved Brewing Co.
  • Fresh Pick by Fort Hill Brewery
  • Cloud Candy IPA from Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co.
  • Wendy Peffercorn from Iron Duke Brewing

I’m pretty open to trying new beers, but I will put my foot down when it comes to stouts. I’ve tried a few, and I still think they’re gross. Maybe one day, but for now, I’ll stick with my milkshake IPAs.

If you do drink, and if you drink beer, what are some of your favorites?


  1. I don’t drink any alcohol and when I did, I didn’t drink beer, but I’m happy you’ve found some ones that you think are yummy!!

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  2. I don’t drink beer but I have been to plenty of breweries with my husband. Last year him and a friend decided to start brewing their own so they turned out garage and basement into their brewing areas. He spends most weekends these days brewing so I hear all about beer. Looks like you have a good list!

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  3. Very impressed that PBR didn’t completely turn you off beer!
    But YAY for IPAs & Local beer!

    I love a good beer & yes even a bud light once in a while. My favourite would have to be hands down Beau’s Lug Tread, my brothers thankfully never liked it so its the only one I used to be able to keep at the house & they wouldn’t take on me. Otherwise I always try to try a local one. My dad & I usually go to this beer festival in the summer (you would love it) but its all local beers & you get to try all these different ones from local breweries.

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    • My dad doesn’t like any of the fruit beers I like, so I don’t have to worry about him having those haha, like you and your brothers. That beer festival sounds awesome. I was supposed to help out with a local beer festival this summer, but it got cancelled 😦

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  4. beer definitely takes time to figure out, so i haven’t developed the taste for IPAs yet (who knows if i ever will!). i definitely love fruity beers, though, or anything sweet. i’ll also drink any kind of light beer since i find it pretty tasteless, but not unbearably so.

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