What’s On My Phone—2020 Update

This is an update to the post I wrote in 2018. Not much has really changed (except I have an iPhone 11 Pro instead of an iPhone 7), but I still thought it would be a cool post to do.

My background says: For years, so many things have held you back: “I’m too much of this” and “I’m not enough of that” but all along, you have been learning to trust grow and be, to unfold and emerge from your cocoon alive free. It’s from Morgan Harper Nichols.

Text messages and emails: I try to never have any unread messages, but especially emails.

Maps: I use the maps app that comes with the phone. I used to have Google maps, too, but I never really used it.

Sports: I have three sports apps—ESPN, At Bat, and Bleacher Report—but I never open them. I just use them for alerts.

Music: I finally caved and bought Spotify premium this year. I use Spotify for all but one of my podcasts; the one that’s not available on there I listen to on the iTunes podcasts app.

(I’m also really bad about updating my phone, thus the red 1 notification on my settings app.)

Utilities: This is just kind of a catch all folder. My news apps live here along with the Alexa app, Find My iPhone, and Dropbox. Plus those apps you can’t delete from your phone.

Adobe: This has Lightroom, Photoshop, and Acrobat.

Photos: InstaSize, Layout from Instagram, GIPHY, Unfold, VSCO, CameraConnect (for my Canon camera), and Unsplash.

Social: Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Timehop, LinkedIn, Untappd, Facebook Messenger, Bitmoji, and Hootsuite.

Google: Drive, Docs, Photos, Sheets, Calendar, My Business, and Hangouts.

Running: I have more running apps than I actually use. I only use Nike Run Club but also have Runkeeper, Fleet Feet, Strava, and MapMyRun installed.

Adult stuff: Apps for my credit card, car insurance, car payments, app for my 403(b) plan, and an app for my old health insurance company that I haven’t gotten around to deleting yet.

Games: Jigsaw puzzle, Mario Run, and a word search game, just for fun.

The other apps are ones I use often: Netflix, QVC, Amazon, Dunkin’, Goodreads, ESPN Fantasy, and Hot Table (it’s a local panini place that’s amazing). I had downloaded Hoopla awhile ago and haven’t used it yet but it’s there if I want to.

I feel like you can tell a lot about someone by how they organize their phone. Maybe my phone will change a little bit more in two years? My most used apps are probably Twitter and Instagram—mostly Instagram since I also have to use it for work and there’s no web version of it.

How do you organize your phone? What are your most used apps?


  1. You would be very unhappy with my phone. It is not at all organized like yours. Some of my menu pages aren’t even full like, I have pages filled with only half a screen of apps lol. I just throw things around. 😂

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