Folks, Were We Not Washing Our Hands Before?

This is just a short check-in post to say, hey, I’m still alive! This past week has been wicked crazy. I feel like I’m living day to day or sometimes hour to hour.

The university where I work followed in the steps of many other colleges and universities by extending spring break by a week, moving to online classes, and requiring students who can move off campus to do so. I’m far from being someone who makes the decisions they’re making now, but I know it wasn’t an easy decision. I feel so sad for the seniors who don’t get to finish their semester on campus.

My two road races this month were cancelled, and one I’m registered for that was supposed to take place in April got moved to June and then moved to September—because who wants to run a 5K/half marathon (the race offers both distances) in June? I was really disappointed that the St. Patrick’s Day race was cancelled because I had trained all winter for it. I now have no where appropriate to wear my shamrock headband and green tutu.

I also sort of joined a running group and ran with them last week. I couldn’t make the scheduled run on Sunday, and now that the state has a ban of groups of more than 25, we can’t run. At least I can still run by myself. I ran outside on campus for the first time last week, and I ran almost 6.5 miles—FOR FUN. I’ve fallen off since last week, so I’m hoping once I figure out my work situation—like if we still have to go into the office or can work from home—I can get back into running so I have some sort of sanity in my life.

I know things are crazy right now, and the uncertainty is killing me. It can seem like we have to do everything to save the world, but in reality, we might not be able to. I’m trying to do the little things to keep myself and my family safe. I’m big on hand sanitizer, washing my hands, wiping down my office every morning, and not going out if I don’t have to. And using a reasonable amount of toilet paper.

Paul wrote a good post the other day about all of this, and if you haven’t, you should give it a read. We have to do what we can, and check in on others to make sure they’re doing okay. I don’t know how long all of this is going to last, but be sure to wash your hands and stay safe out there ❤


  1. Yes, I wonder about the hand washing too. Most disappointed that baseball will take a while to get started too. Thankful I work from home and perhaps with everyone having to telecommute, maybe my transcription services will be needed to transcribe all these meetings!

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