What’s On My Phone

Here’s an inside look at what my phone looks like and what apps I use!


This is my home screen, and this looks like the generic home screen, I guess.

Text messages + emails: I never have any unread texts or emails—the little red notification bubble drives me nuts.

Map apps: I have two map apps, but I’m more likely to use the regular “Maps” app over the Google Maps one.

Sports: I have ESPN, MLB At Bat, and Bleacher Report, and I’ve never really opened them; I use them for notifications for my favorite teams and games.

Music: Spotify is my go-to music app. I don’t have any music on my phone through the iTunes/music app; I used to when I was younger and had my iPod and first iPhone. I haven’t bought a song in years, and I don’t even really listen to most of the songs I bought from the iTunes store. I used to use Pandora but switched to Spotify in college and mostly use it on my phone while running. (I use the desktop version while on my computer.) I also listen to podcasts while I’m at work. I currently listen to two: one of a local classic rock station’s morning show—although I’m definitely not their target demographic—and Brunch, which I’m talked about in my What I’m Obsessed with posts.


This is my second screen, which is more customized.

Utilities folder: This is the catch all of those apps you can’t delete but I don’t use. This folder is where my news apps live—NBC, NBC CT, and CNN—plus a few games, the Alexa app, Tiny Scanner, Find my iPhone, Untappd, and Facetime.

Music folder: These are my less used apps: Youtube, Sound Cloud, and Shazam.

Photos folder: All of my photo editing and photo-related apps live here: Instasize, Layout, Giphy, Bitmoji, Canon camera app, VSCO, Lightroom, and Canva.

Social folder: Obviously where my social media apps are: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Timehop, and LinkedIn are on the first page, and Facebook Messenger, Hootsuite, and a Countdown app.

Exercise folder: The app I use to track my running is in here, along with one I use when I go bike riding.

Google folder: My Google Drive apps are in here, including Docs, Photos, and Sheets.

Adult stuff folder: My credit card app, car insurance app, and car payment app are all in here.

The rest of the apps are ones I use fairly often. Netflix, a medication reminder app, the WordPress app, QVC, Goodreads, Amazon, Friskies Cat Fishing (for my cat), Fitbit, and ESPN fantasy.

I like seeing how other people organize their phones, because although we probably have roughly the same apps, they’re organized differently—best to suit our needs. Twitter and Instagram are always open in the background of my phone, since they’re my two most used apps.

How do you organize your phone? Are there certain apps you use all the time?


  1. It’s weird, I never really got into apps. Maybe I just haven’t given them a fair chance. But I’ve had my iPhone since 2014 and the only apps I have are Twitter & Instagram (I log out of these each time for some reason), and WordPress. I used to have Snapchat for a few months in 2014 but didn’t understand the point of it. And I got rid of Facebook last year when I deactivated my account. So basically everything is on the first screen, except the ones I’ll never use.

    I’ve been thinking of switching over to Spotify lately since apparently iTunes might cease to exist next year or something, but I’m not really sure how Spotify works.

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    • I haven’t used Snapchat since they updated it back in February but won’t delete it off my phone yet. I love Spotify and highly recommend. I use the free version and you still have access to a lot of music (but you just have to deal with ads). It has premade playlists by genre, theme, mood, etc. or you can make your own. There’s a wide variety of music and mostly all of the artists I listen to have their music on there. It’s worth checking out.

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      • So you’re saying I can collect a bunch of songs and put them into my own list, kinda like iTunes? What’s this thing about only being able to skip a certain amount of songs? Does that apply to your own playlist too?

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      • Yes to your first question. I have a bunch of different playlists I’ve created; like I have one I use for when I go running. I think the skipping song thing only applies on the phone app… I can skip a bunch of songs on the desktop version without any issues. But I do think the skipping songs on the app also applies to your own playlists. (I think the paid version has no ads and unlimited skips…)

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  2. I’m kind of tempted to steal this idea for my blog. No… I’m really tempted. But if I ask permission and give you credit for the idea, would it be stealing? I don’t want to say borrow… because it’s not like it’s something I could give back.

    So… the ask… May I use this idea on my blog? I promise to give you credit for the idea 🙂

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