So I Started Reading the Harry Potter Series…

As I said in my resolutions for this year, I wanted to read the Harry Potter series. And as I documented on Instagram last week, I’ve started reading the series. Luckily, a co-worker owns all of the books and is letting me borrow them so I don’t have to worry about checking them out of the library. (Although reading the series will put a damper on my trips to the library because I plan on reading the books back to back and I won’t have to go to the library for new books for a while, which makes me sad because I ❤ the library.)

I was in elementary school when the Harry Potter craze hit, and for some reason, I just never jumped on board. I think I might have read the first few chapters of the first book at some point, but never followed through. I’ve definitely seen the first movie and maybe the second? But it would have been years ago.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t jump on fads or crazes too much and will only get involved after the fact, for example, Stranger Things—but I now know what the hype was all about because that show is amazing. As embarrassing as it is, I did own and read all of the Twilight books, and I was 100% team Jacob. I watched the first movie and realized how terrible it was and never finished watching the rest of the Twilight movies.

I think one reason why I never read Harry Potter was that it seemed too intimidating. And now that I have all seven books in my possession and I’ve seen how long some of the books are, I’m a little worried. It’ll just take me a little longer to read those ones. And I might have to Google a few things along the way in case I get confused, but the last time I did that, I ruined The Blacklist for myself. So maybe no Googling?

Have you read Harry Potter? Did you like it? Should I watch all of the movies after I finish the books? As the books go on, are they still easy to understand or am I going to be confused?


  1. It’s a fun series, but a lot to keep track of. The books are intimidating. I have the first six on my shelf but have only read the first one entirely. I can’t remember if they’re confusing or not. And I’d say yes, watch all the movies afterwards. I’m currently doing that now. It feels like every movie could be 4 hours because there’s just so much.

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  2. YAY so glad you are doing this!!!

    The books are easy to understand and you shouldn’t have to google anything. I read the first two books in one week. Don’t be intimidated!! They are easy to read 😃😃

    And YES watch the movies after!! One time I read all the books then did all the movies, and other time I did book/movie/book/movie etc

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    • So far they do seem pretty easy to read! I started book #2 today. I just think the overall size of the books (especially the ones later in the series) scares me, but as long as the content is easy to understand, then I should be fine. I’ll read all of the books first and then watch the movies.

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  3. Oh man, I remember when I first read Harry Potter! It was waaay back in 3rd grade and my teacher would read it to the class and I ended up borrowing Chamber of Secrets from the library over the summer break. I fell in love with the entire series, and this was when Lord of the Rings was really hyped up as well (I actually never read the series… yet :P). It definitely gets easier throughout the series once you learn all the names, spells, Hogwarts, and the magical world. It was a page-turner for me so I can’t imagine you not visiting the library for other books anytime soon!

    Hope you enjoy the Harry Potter series and the films! The entire universe is wonderful. This really makes me want to re-read the series lol.

    PS: Don’t worry, I loved the Twilight series as well and sadly spent money to watch all the films as well.

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    • I started book #2 today during my lunch break, and I’m already looking forward to reading before bed. I’m definitely reading them all back to back so that I can just keep going and not lose anything. I think once I’m more into the books and watch the movies, I’ll catch the Harry Potter bug haha.


  4. The Harry Potter series, as a whole, is incredible. I’ve read through it multiple times and listened to the Audible versions of all seven novels twice. I love the movies, too. I would definitely suggest watching the movies once you’re done with the books. They do a mostly great job of adapting the material. Of course, things get left out. But I find I’m only disappointed with the movies if I’ve recently read through the books again. So you might want to put off watching the movies by a few months once you finish the series. You’ll still notice some things are left out, but it won’t be as pronounced.

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    • I’ll have to locate the movies/figure out how to watch them because I don’t think I’ll buy the movies. Maybe they’re on Netflix DVDs? Thankfully from me watching the first movie yeaaaars ago, I can picture what the characters look like in the movies so I can follow along easier in the books. (Like knowing better what Hagrid and Dumbledore look like, etc.)

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  5. I challenged myself last year to read all of the Harry Potter series! I’m a massive HP fan and was ashamed that I’d never read the series properly from start to finish (like you I had read bits of some books here and there). Sadly I’m still reading the last book at the moment, although I’m almost finished, but reading the whole series was such a fun experience and it was so interesting getting more details and more backstory that wasn’t explained or left out in the movies! I’m planning on rewatching all the movies as well after I’ve finished (even though I’ve seen them a jillion times). Have fun reading the series, I hope you enjoy it as much I have! x

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    • Thanks! I started book #2 today and I’m already excited to see what happens in this one. I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters evolve over the span of all of the books, and then of course I’m going to watch all of the movies to get the full experience 🙂

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  6. I’ve just re-read the seven books myself! It took me 9 days. 😂 Well, that’s what Christmas holidays are for…

    I think you’ll be able to follow without googling. Things are usually explained as the story progresses and the characters get older so the story gets more intense and interesting. Or so I find.

    The movies are good. I’ve not watched them all yet, but I introduced my husband to Harry Potter so we’re making our way through them slowly.

    I really hope you enjoy the books! I’ve taken so much more out of them as an adult so maybe that you waited is not a bad thing. 😊

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  7. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books either, but when they were coming out I had a cousin that worked at a bookstore and would buy me each book as soon as they came out and give it to me… not sure why. I have all of the book and still have yet to read them. Reading fantasy is just not my jam.

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  8. I have not nor have the desire to read that series. But, I also have been borrowing books from a friend and was introduced to Christopher Moore’s books, that way. I am into the Shopaholic Series, by Sophie Kinsella which I recommend if you like shopping and humor. After you finish Harry Potter, of course. Good Luck

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  9. I want to read them again too. I only read the first two many years ago. I’ve seen the movies but enjoy watching them again. I don’t think you’ll be confused if you read the books one right after the other.

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  10. The books are definitely still easy to understand as they go on! It’s even better that you’ll be reading them in a row. When I was waiting for them to come out it one by one it was really hard to remember what happened in the previous book haha. I definitely recommend watching each movie as you finish each book! It’s a fun reward and I think the movies hold up still.

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    • I can definitely see how having to wait between books would be tricky, so I’m glad I have all of them at once. I think I’m going to read all of the books first and then watch the movies so I can block out time ahead of time to watch all of them! 🙂


  11. Yay, I loved the Harry Potter series! My mom actually didn’t let me read them at first, but I convinced her to allow me to do so (one of our cousins or someone gave us the first two books, so if they were in the house…I wanted to read them!). I think the books were fairly easy to follow along (especially once you get used to the world), and I would recommend watching the movies too! I honestly need to reread the series and marathon the movies in the near future haha.

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    • I started the second book the other day and noticed that Rowling recaps little things here and there that were mentioned in the first book, so that’s comforting in case I forgot something along the way. And, yes, I’m definitely going to watch the movies!

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