What I’m Watching: Fall Shows

Wait, what’s this? A second post in one week?! I’m very happy that all of my shows are back new for the fall, so I thought I’d let you guys know what’s currently clogging up my DVR! This list will include some regular/old shows that are already on TV but new and also some brand new shows for the fall season.


Bar Rescue

I used to watch this show on Sundays—since there’s always a marathon on—with my ex-boyfriend in college, and after we broke up, I kind of fell off watching it. But this summer I recently started watching it again, and I’m recording all of the new episodes, and I’m still watching the Sunday marathons. It’s predictable, but I just like to see the dysfunction at some of these bars.


Prodigal Son

This is a new show on FOX, and I’ve only watched one episode, but I’m obsessed with it. It’s about criminal profiler, Malcolm Bright, who works for the NYPD and whose father is a serial killer currently serving time in a psych hospital. His mom is manipulative, and his sister is trying to have a normal life as a news reporter. As the season goes on, it seems like Bright will have to see his father more for help on his cases, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

(…yeah, something might be wrong with me…)



I’ve been watching this show forever. Like I remember when it was first on and I was like nine or ten and watching the first 10 or 15 minutes of the new episode before going to bed. I watched throughout high school—like I was obsessed with it—and fell off during college. After graduation, I caught up on Netflix and now I’ve been watching the last couple of seasons as they air on TV. It’s always a good ole reliable show.

New Amsterdam

I only watch this show because the main character used to play Tom Keen on The Blacklist, and my Twitter bio says that my account is an unofficial Tom Keen fan account. Paul also watches this show, and after both of us watch it—aka when I finally get around to watching it—there’s always a lot of caps lock messages. It’s a pretty good show, and if there’s one thing you take away from it is that New Amsterdam is a public hospital and they treat everyone.


Almost Family

I haven’t watched this show yet because it just premiered this week, but it looks good. It’s on FOX and stars Brittany Snow, Emily Osment, and Megalyn Echikunwoke. The three girls are united after finding out a fertility doctor used his own sperm to conceive at least 100 children during his career.



I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and it’s funny. My mom and I watch it together, and I think we still have the last few episodes from the last season in the DVR…whoops.

The Good Place

I started watching this on Netflix and now I’m recording the final season as it airs on NBC. It’s so funny, and if you haven’t watched it yet, do it.

Carol’s Second Act

This is new this fall on CBS and stars Patricia Heaton as the oldest in a group of interns at a hospital. I liked her in The Middle, and Jean-Luc Bilodeau from Baby Daddy is also in the show. This is another show my mom and I watch.

Law & Order SVU

Whoo 21 seasons! I love this show to death, and I’ve been watching it on NBC for years. I’m very excited it’s back.


The Blacklist

I also started watching this show on Netflix before watching it air on NBC last season. I like the earlier seasons better than last season, and I have mixed feelings about the upcoming season and where the story line is going to go. But I do miss my #ManCrushMondayAndEveryOtherDay Donald Ressler.

What are you watching this fall?


  1. I just stopped watching NCIS last year. But this year I’m doing Modern Family, the good place, and a few others I’ve been watching for a while. A new one I’m trying out is stumptown

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  2. I haven’t seen most of these BUT I did see a commercial for New Amsterdam and was like “that’s the guy from The Blacklist!” Nobody I was with was impressed, but I always get very excited when I recognize actors, ha.

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  3. I also started “Prodigal Son.” Looks intriguing! So far it reminds me a little of “The Following” which was on Fox a couple years ago. This main character has so many issues and how could you blame him, right!

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  4. I’ve seen the commercials of Prodigial Son & was so interested! I hope it’ll he on Hulu! Lol maybe something’s wrong with me, too. 😛 Almost Family also looked so good on commercials! I love Brittany Snow & Emily Osment. ♡ I liked the first season of The Good Place but, never got through the 2nd one. I’ll have to catch up someday! & oh my gosh, I love Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond– it’s the best sitcom ever. I’ll have to watch The Middle & her new one! Cannot believe SVU is back, that’s so exciting!!! Fall TV is the best. ♡ So fun to see what’s on your watchlist for the season! Thanks for sharing! ♡

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    • I’m three episodes into Prodigal Son and really like it. I hope it’ll be on Hulu for you! Yes, you’ll have to give The Good Place another shot! It’s so good. I know that The Middle always has re-runs on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) and the Hallmark channel, if you have cable. I love fall TV, too!

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