What’s In My Bag

Happy Monday! Here’s a fun post to start off the week. I insist on carrying my entire life in my purse, so I carry a bigger purse. I use two throughout the year, seasonally. The one that I’m using now—normally from March to September—is a Kate Spade purse I bought in 2016 on sale. It’s very fitting because of my job at the ice cream shop, and I’ve always gotten lots of compliments on it. During the fall and winter, I carry a maroon purse that I got at Old Navy.

Daily contents of my bag:

  • Vera Bradley pouch that holds Tic Tacs, gum, Tums, Chapstick, bobby pins, Q-tips, Band-aids, etc. Basically my first aid kit.
  • Glasses and case
  • Gray pouch that holds a phone charger and my headphones
  • Wallet that matches the bag
  • Whatever book I’m reading at the moment; if it’s a hard cover book that I own, I take off the book jacket when I’m reading it because it’s easier
  • My planner
  • Sunglasses from Walgreens
  • Business card holder
  • Pens
  • My work ID and office key—the purple leopard print ID holder with blue lanyard

I also use a tan crossbody bag for trips or when I know I don’t need my entire life with me that I’ll throw my wallet, phone, and sunglasses into.

To my bag carrying blog friends: what do you carry for a bag and what’s inside? To my non-bag carrying friends: how do you carry all of your things when you’re on the go?


  1. I also have multiple bags.

    My work bag has a pencil case of crayons, a little bag of gaming dice, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, baby wipes, tissues, mini deodorant, lip chap, and a small zipper pocket for feminine things.

    Church bag: bible and note book, lipstick and chap, mouth wash, small pocket of feminine things.

    Date clutch that fits nothing but a credit card and my phone haha but it’s cute

    My wallet, headphones, portable battery, and sunglasses move from one to the other as needed.

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      • My work bag is a cross body messengers bag. And my current purse is an on the shoulder purse.

        But you’re right, definitely need different bags for different things. In my work bag and purse I even have the same items (chap stick, lotion, glass cloth, cough candies etc) just to make it easier lol

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  2. Oh I love the ice cream design of your purse/wallet! I also like how you have smaller bags/pouches for the things in your purse; I feel like that’s so much better than having everything thrown in your bag like I normally do haha. I typically bring my kindle with me instead of an actual book because it’s smaller, although that practically guarantees that I read more than one book at a time. Nice post!

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    • I just kind of accumulated the pouches over the years but they prevent me from just tossing everything inside. Plus when I switch bags for the seasons, it’s less work to move everything over. I didn’t catch onto the Kindle craze but I can definitely see it’s great for on the go reading.

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  3. This is such a fun post. It brings me back to the “what’s in my purse” videos I used to binge on YouTube.

    I carry a pretty small purse, but it’s bigger compared to my old one. My mom got me a fossil purse for Christmas because I think she knew my other purse was too tiny (I usually take it on trips now or if I’m going out). Basically I have my wallet, work badge, headphones, my change purse, chapstick, and a small journal in it!

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