Spring is Here!

It’s technically been spring since the middle of March, but New England is always late to the party. Within the last week or so, everything has gotten greener, and the trees and plants are starting to bloom.

Last week, I had to take a new head shot, so we trekked outside onto the campus since the cherry blossom trees started to bloom. When I was a student, it was a sign the spring semester was almost over once the flowers started to pop up.

The tulips and daffodils around campus are in the middle of blooming, and it’s so nice to see greenery and flowers after the cold, harsh winter. I’m looking forward to even everything’s in bloom so I can walk around and get some really nice pictures. Everyone loves a pretty campus picture.

Last Friday was Good Friday, and the office was pretty quiet. I was taking a half day anyway, so when I got home after lunch, I went for a run because it turned out to be 75 degrees and sunny. It felt like a summer day, and it got me excited for what’s coming. (I’m not looking forward to my allergies acting up. They’ve been fine so far—knock on wood—but I’m just waiting for the day I can’t breathe and all I do is sneeze.)

I might have a small case of seasonal affective disorder, so I’m looking forward to the warmer weather because I seem to be happier during the spring and summer. I have lots to look forward to this summer 🙂

How’s spring shaping up where you are?


  1. The campus looks lovely! 🌸 We’ve just had four days of warm and sunny weather here in the UK, so that was summer… Now it’s back to business as usual a.k.a rain! 😂☔️ Spring and autumn are the best running season, aren’t they? I hope your allergies don’t get too bad!

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    • It’s going to be really rainy here all this week; I think we’re going to have record rain this year. But yes, spring and fall running is the best. I hate running when it’s 90 degrees and humid.


    • Nope 😦 It’s even gloomier and cloudy and rainy. Spring takes a while to get to New England. A switch will flip soon and it’ll be full on summer haha.


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