If We Were Having Tea

Happy end of February, folks! This month went by fast for me, and it doesn’t help there are only 28 days. (Yes I’m aware there’s still one day left of the month, but I needed this post to fit in my regular posting schedule haha.)


Work is going well. I’m working on building out the social media calendar for the rest of the semester and helping with a few web projects.

My second job, scooping at an ice cream shop, is underway. The shop opened on February 21, and I worked last Saturday night. This season, I’m only working Saturdays and Sundays. Last summer, I pretty much worked whenever, so I was working between 20 to 25 hours there a week. I’m down to probably one shift a week because of my actual job’s schedule, and I know I’ll have to take a few weekends off for upcoming events on campus—Accepted Students Day and both days of commencement.

One funny story, though, from the ice cream shop is that when I worked last Saturday night, I was in the basement getting sprinkles and apparently my boss didn’t realize I was down there and he shut the light off and shut the door. It was pitch black, and I briefly panicked and thought, “This is it. This is how I’m going to die.” I’ve been down there hundreds of times, and I wasn’t too far from the stairs, so I felt my way through until I got to the stairs and turned the light on. I definitely think my fight or flight instincts kicked in.


So a few updates here. The first is that I’ve found listening to podcasts makes running more bearable. One of the podcasts I’ve listened to for a few years now is a morning show on a classic rock radio station. I’m definitely not in their demographic but I’ve been listening to their show since high school, and my dad listens to it, too. They’ll record the show—minus commercials—and then post it after the show is over. I find myself laughing out loud when I’m running, though, which probably makes me look like a crazy person.

The second update is that I’ve decided to sit out the 10K in March for a couple of reasons. The first is that I just don’t feel ready and I don’t want to push myself, especially with my asthma. The second is that there seem to be a lot of unknowns (and although I thought my anxiety was just being anxiety, maybe it was trying to tell me that it’s not my time. The third is that it’s on my dad’s 60th birthday, and I don’t want to miss it by spending most of the day at the race.

I came to the decision after running outside last Saturday and being discouraged. My mom and I talked it out, and she said she wouldn’t think any less of me for skipping it. I’d rather train for the 5K I’m doing on March 30 and sign up for a few others over the summer.


Baseball is back! Teams are playing spring training games now, and it’s just really nice to watch my Red Sox back in action. I never realize how much I miss a baseball game being on in the background until spring training rolls around.

What I’ve Watched on Netflix

  • Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes: I actually found this kind of boring, which weird since he was a serial killer. The format was hard for me to follow, and I only watched two of the four episodes and had to follow along with his Wikipedia page.
  • Manhunt Unabomber: This was pretty good. It was less of a documentary and had actors recreating the investigation. (Big from Sex and the City was in it!) I’d recommend this one over the Ted Bundy tapes.
  • Russian Doll: I really liked this show, and I’m looking forward to season two. Anything with Amy Poehler’s name connected to it as to be good.
  • The Good Place: I just finished this show on Monday, and I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a good and funny show. The 22 minute episodes are nice, too.
  • Arrested Development: My dad kept telling me about this show, and I honestly have no clue if he’s even watched it. I’m a few episodes into season one, and I like it so far. (It has a similar storyline to Schitt’s Creek, which I very highly recommend.)

What I’ve Been Reading

  • Baseball Cop by Eddie Dominguez: This was about the Department of Investigations that was created in MLB between 2008 and 2014 that looked into PED and human trafficking cases. It gave me a new light on former commissioner Bud Selig and current commish Rob Manfred.
  • For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt: I read this book in about four or five days. It was a good thriller but seemed like the plot could have ended up with some holes in it if the two main characters messed up what they did. (I know that’s wicked vague but I don’t want to give away what happens.) It makes you think about how far as a parent you go for your kids.
  • The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker: I didn’t finish this one. It seemed promising, but I’ve already read two other books about women doing marketing for wineries. I read ~100 pages and found it very repetitive, and the narrator was immature for a 30-year-old woman. Maybe it just wasn’t for me.
  • The Incomplete Book of Running by Peter Sagal: This book was on my Want to Read shelf on Goodreads for a while, and I happened to find it in the new section at my library. Sagal talks about his running journey and his experience running in the 2013 Boston Marathon. It’s a good book for runners of any level.
  • Big Game by Mark Leibovich: Same thing with this book, sitting on my Want to Read shelf and found it at my library. I’d recommend this book to any football fan. Leibovich is a Patriots fan, and although he talks about his emailing/interview relationship with Tom Brady, he writes about Deflategate, commissioner Roger Goodell, the Rams and Chargers moving to LA, the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the circus that Jerry Jones is running in Dallas, how the NFL handled the Ray Rice situation, the 2016 election, basically anything that’s happened within the last four or so years.
  • One Day in December by Josie Silver: This is what I’m currently reading. I had seen it make it way around social media and was leery of it for some reason, but so far I like it.

My Questions for You!

  • How was your February?
  • Are you looking forward to anything in March?
  • How’s the weather where you are?
  • Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  • What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix?

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  1. February has been such a trying month for me but some AMAZING things have happened so it’s been great.

    My dad will be in town for a few days in March so I’m looking forward to having dinner and seeing him.

    The weather sucks.

    I’ve recently watched the Ted Bundy files and the kidnapped in plain sight thing and another crime show on Netflix lol sometimes I just get into a zone and power through a whole bunch all at once

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  2. I think last month I answered your questions with short answers, so I’ll keep the tradition going here:
    1. Fast
    2. Baseball
    3. It’s confused. Everything is fine for a week and then 15cm of snow shows up
    4. No
    5. You know this already

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  3. I also like to listen to podcasts when I run! Not that I run very much at the moment. But I find it especially helpful on the treadmill, it can get so boring otherwise. I usually end up listening to funny ones and laughing out loud too. It’s a great distraction.

    Arrested Development used to be my favorite TV show! I was obsessed with it in high school and partway through college. I actually haven’t seen the newest season yet, so I may be due for a rewatch of the whole series. The great thing is that there are SO many hidden jokes that you don’t get until you’ve seen later episodes. It makes rewatching it so good because you’re literally always finding new stuff that gets referenced later on! It was put together quite cleverly, I hope you end up liking it.

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  4. Enjoyed catching up & having tea with you, Becky. 🙂 I hope you enjoy One Day in December. It’s pretty cute & I’m reading a similar novel now called Emmy & Oliver.

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