Five Traits + Six Favorites

Over yonder on the Twitter, I was tagged by Bill at A Silly Place to share five words to describe me and six of my favorite things. He made his into a post, so I might as well, too. The 280 characters on Twitter are great and all, but there’s only so much you can type in a tweet. (That would be 280 characters.)

This post is making a special Thursday appearance as I have a prescheduled pre-Super Bowl post set for tomorrow night. So yay for special posts!

Five Words to Describe Myself

  1. Sarcastic: It’s a blessing and a curse. And it’s even worse if I know you really well.
  2. Dependable: If I say I’m going to be somewhere or do something for someone, I follow through on it. (Unless some strange outside force prevents me from doing so.)
  3. Creative: I’ve been writing for years, and I enjoy arts and crafts. Plus I think you have to be creative if you’re in the marketing field.
  4. Helpful: This has come back to bite me in the butt sometimes by overhelping others, but I like to be available to others to help with something, especially if it’s something they don’t know a lot about and I do and can make their lives easier by helping out.
  5. Organized: In every job interview I had while I was looking for a new job, they’d ask me what my strength was. And I always said organization. I rely on my planner and to do lists and the files on my computer at work are part of an extensive folder tree, folders on folders on folders. I have notes grouped on my desk by “thing” and recycle any papers I don’t need anymore, so I don’t get a Mount Everest of papers on my desk.

Six of my Favorite Things

  1. Favorite sports team: Boston Red Sox
  2. Favorite TV show: Law & Order SVU
  3. Favorite book: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach
  4. Favorite song: “Wish You Were Here” by Led Zeppelin
  5. Favorite movie: Little Miss Sunshine
  6. Favorite animal: Dogs!

You don’t have to specifically pick those six things as your favorites; I think you can pick whatever as long as they’re your favorite!

I think I’m also supposed to tag people but I’m gonna change things up and leave it open to you guys! You can share your responses in the comments or in a new post.


  1. 5 words to describe myself: sassy, creative, bubbly, childlike, patient.

    6 favourite things:
    Animal: hippos
    Artistic expression: doing my nails
    Book: Ella enchanted
    Flower: gerber daisy
    Food: pizza
    Season: autumn

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  2. This is fun! Obviously we share a favorite sports team. 😉 My sister and I have actually been watching SVU every single night for the past few weeks after watching it on-and-off for a while. We’re somewhere in the middle of season 6 and have gotten to the point where one of us will be able to predict a twist or a perp in almost every episode, haha. There is definitely a lot of yelling at the TV. A friend of mine also gave me The Art of Fielding a while back but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet! Seeing it on your favorites list definitely makes me want to prioritize it, though.

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    • At work the other day, we were talking about how you can get caught up in SVU and rewatch episodes you’ve seen already and know what’s going to happen. It’s just one of those shows. It’s all I watched in college haha.

      Yes, read The Art of Fielding! It’s a good mix of baseball and the intertwining of the other characters involved in the story. I consider it a good “dense” book to read; there’s enough description that you feel like you’re there but not too much that it bogs the story down.

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  3. OKAY WE JUST BECAME EVEN BETTER FRIENDS!!! SVU + Dogs + Dependable + Creative + Helpful + Organized…. like you are just all around wonderful! thanks for being you! ❤

    5 Traits: Outspoken, Talkative, Dependable, Friendly, Emotional

    1. Show: Law and Order: SVU or Grey's Anatomy – both should end, but the reruns are where it's at
    2. Book: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
    3. Food: Pepperoni Pizza
    4. Animal: Giraffe
    5. Color: Orange

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    • Awh you’re too sweet! 🙂 ❤

      I read Nineteen Minutes in high school and think I wrote a paper on it or some sort of presentation. Her books are good but I feel like I have to set aside a month or two to read them because they're so long/in depth.

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      • She is my favorite favorite favorite favorite!!! I met her a few years ago and was totally awestruck LOL I read Nineteen Minutes every year or so, because it always reminds me to treat all people respectfully, because you never know what is going on behind their scenes.

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