Major League Baseball Update

MLB Went to Puerto Rico

After the hurricane hit the island last fall, I know many major league players from PR were involved in efforts to bring relief supplies. Before the season started, Red Sox manager Alex Cora and a few players brought two planes full of supplies down to Puerto Rico. Just this week, MLB made another appearance, this time bringing along two baseball teams.

The Indians and Twins played a two-game series, the first since the Mets and Marlins played there in 2010. Both teams have players who are Puerto Rican: Francisco Lindor and Roberto Perez on the Indians roster, and Kennys Vargas, Eddie Rosario, and Jose Berrios on the Twins roster.

So it seemed fitting, in the first game, that Lindor hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning. He was well received by fans:

The crowd chanted his name until Lindor emerged from the dugout for a curtain call, raising both arms to the skies.

“I love the Cleveland Indians fans. I love them. They’re supporters, big-time,” Lindor said. “But this is where I grew up. These are my people. It’s extremely special.”

It was a triumphant return for Lindor, who on Monday went back to his grammar school in Guyabo, his hometown, to see some of his former teachers and hold a clinic for students. (ESPN)

The Indians won the first game, 6-1, and the Twins walked off 2-1 in 16 innings in game two. Fittingly, again, PR-native Rosario scored the winning run. The day they were set to play the second game, there was an island-wide blackout. The game went on with help from backup systems at the park.

And funny enough, two players had birthdays during the course of the five hour and 13-minute game. Twins Joe Mauer and Zach Duke both turned 35.


So my intentions of these posts are to cover MLB-wide news, but I just had to include news about my Red Sox.


They’re the 4th team since the expansion era in 1961 to win 16 of their first 18 games. They’re the first to go 16-2 since the 1987 Brew-Crew.

There’s gotta be something in the water at Fenway, because I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Sure they looked good on paper with the addition of JD Martinez and a somewhat stable pitching rotation. And don’t forget about the Killer B’s in the outfield: Benintendi, Betts, and Bradley, Jr.

During their series against the Angels, here’s how the Sox measured up:

The Red Sox, who have won seven in a row, not only outscored the Angels, 27-3, in the series, but they batted .371. Their 11 home runs were the third most in a three-game series in franchise history, and their most since hitting a franchise-record 16 against the Yankees from June 17-19, 1977. And it’s also the first time Boston has gone 16-1 over a 17-game stretch since Aug. 16-Sept. 3, 2004. (MLB)

Betts is as hot as they get, and it seems like everyone is contributing, which makes it more fun. Knock on wood, the starting rotation looks actually pretty good, and aside from the blunder on Opening Day, the ‘pen seems to be offering its best.

The Sox are in Oakland this weekend before heading to Toronto. Hopefully, they can not only keep up their winning streak but keep their lead in the AL East.

Fantasy Update

It’s not going well. I’m still last in the league, and I somehow ended up with a bunch of outfielders. I’m working on trying to drop some of them, but I always feel bad getting rid of a player. This is why I don’t operate a real baseball team.



  1. I’m looking forward to the Red Sox/Blue Jays series just to see if the Blue Jays are as good as their record looks, or if it’s all a mirage. I’m shocked by what Toronto has done so far.

    And I believe in your fantasy team! They’ll turn it around eventually.

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    • I’m looking forward to the Toronto series so I can actually watch games again. The west coast trips kill me and I don’t even bother watching the games because I’m in bed by the time they start. I’m surprised to see the Jays in second place. I watched some of the Jays/Yanks game last night and the Jays didn’t look half bad.

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