Baseball Brawlin’


Some punches were thrown yesterday in two different games.

Let’s start with the Padres and Rockies.

Rockies star Nolan Arenado got a pitch thrown behind him and then thought, “I’m gonna charge the mound.” Then Luis Perdomo—the pitcher—did something I have never seen happen in a brawl but only hoped it would happen: he threw his glove at Arenado.

And missed.

According to CBS Sports, this was a result of:

The Padres had hit Trevor Story in the first inning, just hours after San Diego outfielder Manuel Margot landed on the disabled list following a beanball last night. An inning before Arenado was nearly hit, the Rockies had plunked their fifth Padre in six-plus games this season, striking Hunter Renfroe in the wrist.

Benches cleared and some shoving went on before both teams were calmed down. In total, five players were ejected: Arenado, German Marquez, and Gerardo Parra on the Rockies, and Perdomo and A.J. Ellis—who is still playing?!—on the Padres. No word yet on suspensions, but Arenado and Perdomo will have some guaranteed time on the bench.

Then we go to the Red Sox and Yankees game last night.

So the “rivalry” is back on—according to an off-season tweet from the Sox after the Yankees signed Giancarlo Mike Stanton—which I think is all hype. It’s just because both teams have a few good players, and everyone is trying to make it seem like the teams are the early 2000s ones, when there actually was a rivalry.

Yankee Tyler Austin slid into second and came up with his cleats and hit Brock Holt, who had a few choices words for Austin before he left the field. Apparently, that warrants retaliation—to me it looked like a clean slide—so Joe Kelly threw at Austin during his next at-bat and then you-know-what hit the fan:

Kelly and Austin were tossed from the game, Sox manager Alex Cora and Yanks third base coach Phil Nevin were fined, and four players were fined for entering the field on the DL: CC Sabathia on the Yanks—he’s just really old—and Marco Hernandez, Xander Bogaerts (don’t even get me started on why he’s on the DL), and Dustin Pedroia on the Sox.

Suspensions were handed down today: six games for Kelly and five games for Austin, which seem normal for situations like these. (Also don’t get me started on how suspensions aren’t equal for pitchers vs. batters… well, here’s the short version: in this case, Kelly pitches, what, every couple days? So realistically, he’d only miss two-three games. Austin, who’s DHing for the Yanks, misses five games because he plays every day. It’s even worse when starters get suspended for five games because they only miss one game while position players miss five.)

So that means everyone’s going to be on edge during this game. And any other Sox/Yanks game this season, because these things carry between games. Last year, the Sox and the O’s had a similar thing, and it always seemed like someone was throwing at someone. I think that whole thing started because someone cleated someone sliding into second, too.

I own two books on the unwritten rules of baseball, and people will say that baseball polices itself. I’ll admit that I enjoy a good baseball brawl—especially sucker punches on the base paths, I’m looking at you Rougned Odor—but sometimes they’re not necessary. And players can actually get hurt. Like what if a batter actually brings the bat with him to the mound and starts to go after the pitcher? The Padres pitcher throwing his glove seems harmless, but imagine someone welding a bat charging at you. That could do some damage.

It’ll be interesting to see how this “rivalry” plays out over the course of the season. Hopefully, no one will be charging any more mounds.

Featured image from US Today and Maddie Meyer/Getty Images.



  1. I love baseball brawls if for no other reason than to watch the bullpen catchers run in and feel a part of the team. The whole throwing a ball at a batter intentionally I don’t like so much. Someone’s going to get seriously hurt one day. Also I wish that glove would’ve hit Arenado square in the face just for GIF purposes lol

    Liked by 2 people

      • I suppose. Then again, they could fight each other at any moment, like between innings. Don’t need to wait for a pitch to do it. Maybe they haven’t thought of that yet.

        Liked by 2 people

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