Fun Fact Friday

Here’s a fun post for me to write and hopefully for you to read and learn a little more about me—minus my deepest, darkest secrets. (I don’t think I have any, though.)

I’m an only child.

Not all only children are spoiled, and it depends on how you’re raised. I’m used to being self-sufficient, and I get along better with adults than kids. I wish I had an older sibling, but at this point, that will never be a possibility.

I’ve never flown.

We’re not a vacation family; we’re more of a day trip family at best. So I’ve never been on a plane or inside an airport. (I have done airport picks up when you have to keep circling around.) I wouldn’t even know how to go through security or how any of that works. Plus being off the ground kind of freaks me out.

I’m terrified of mascots.

Rumor has it that my parents brought me to a small amusement park when I was like three or four, and a giant gingerbread man—it was Christmas-themed—started walking toward me and I bolted in the other direction. So I now go out of my way to avoid things in costumes. I fully understand that there is someone inside, but some of them are just freaky, and it’s even worse when they try to interact with you.

My original life plan was to major in accounting.

I took one accounting class in high school and thought, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life!” Thankfully I figured out I’m really bad at math and decided to go into a writing-based major. (I thought about English but then discovered Communications is a major.)

I’ve been dying my hair since high school.

I’m a natural brunette, and I’ve never completely dyed my hair a different color, but I’ve always gotten highlights and blond pieces put in. I’ve also experimented with colors. My senior year, I had two blue streaks—one on either side of my head underneath the top layer of hair—but also at points had purple and pink streaks. I stopped during college but have since dyed the underside of my hair blue last year, and it’s currently purple now.

I’ve met Andy Grammer, Gabriel Iglesias, Dan + Shay, and Buster Onley.

I met the first three working on the spring concert at my university as publicity chair, and I met Buster Onley my senior year, also at school. He’s friends with one of the sport management professors—I think they went to college together?—and he came to campus to talk about his experience as a sports writer. After the event, I went up and introduced myself to him. He most likely doesn’t remember me, but it’s cool to see him on ESPN and be like, “I shook his hand and told him that the 2011 Red Sox season was a fever dream.” (True story.)

I’ve had roughly six surgeries.

When I was in first grade, I had my tonsils out. Since then, I’ve had about five tubes put in my right ear. They fall out after a few years, so that’s why I had to keep getting them put in. The last time I had one put in was my freshman year of college—I think—and although it has since fallen out, thankfully I haven’t had to have another one put in.

I completed my master’s degree in 15 months.

For some reason, I thought working full time during the week, working on the weekends, and taking online classes at the same time was a good idea. In December 2017, I officially finished my master’s degree in Communications and will be walking at graduation in May. If I could stay in school forever, I would. At some point in the future, I’d like to get another master’s degree. My doctorate seems out of the question right now, but it’d be cool to be a doctor.

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