Major League Baseball Update

In case you can’t tell, I love baseball, and I love yelling about sports. So I’m hoping to do a Major League Baseball update every other week with crazy things that happened or any news that breaks during the weeks.

Shohei Ohtani made his debut for the Angels

The newly signed Japanese double-threat got his first pitching start and hit his first home run for the halos on Tuesday.

And rightly got the silent treatment after returning to the dugout:

(Gifs from MLB Gifs & Embeddable Video)

Then on Wednesday, he hit his second home run off Corey Kluber—which isn’t good since Kluber’s on my fastasy team.

Ohtani’s been dubbed the “Japanese Babe Ruth” because of his work on the mound and from the plate. As for pitching, he went up against the A’s and went six innings and gave up three hits and three runs for a win on Sunday. (That makes him the first player since Ruth to win a game and hit a 1st inning home run two days later.)

Gabe Kapler’s rookie move

So in addition to acting as promotions and social media director for the Phillies, Gabe Kapler is their new manager (and former Red Sox player). You’d expect him to have some knowledge of how the game works, ya know, but apparently not when it comes to pitching.

During last week’s game against the Braves, Kapler wanted to make a pitching change and called for Hoby Milner (that’s such a baseball name, but like an old-timey baseball name) to come into the game. Cool. But Milner wasn’t warming up in the bullpen and wasn’t ready to pitch. He had to rush to throw a few pitches in the ‘pen before coming into the game. The umps gave him five warmup pitches from the mound before the game resumed.

According to Yahoo!, the crew chief said he allowed Milner to throw warm pitches to protect Milner’s health, which MLB agreed with, but Kapler will get more than a slap on the wrist next time.


Tigers and MLB at odds

There’s a he said, she said going on with the Tigers and MLB. Last Friday, a replay review overturned a walk-off victory for the Tigers over the Pirates in a game the Pirates went on to win 13-10 in 13 innings.

In the 10th inning, Detriot’s Nicholas Castellanos was called safe at home and the Tigers spilled onto the field to celebrate. The play was reviewed, while the Tigers were still on the field, and Castellanos was called out to end the innings.

Ron Gardenhire (oh hey Gardy!) argued with the umps and got tossed. According to ESPN, Gardy said on Monday that MLB acknowledged that mistakes were made, but then MLB said that it stood behind the decision and said the correct call was made.

Something like this might not seem like a big deal one week into the season, but what if that Tigers loss costs them the division at the end of September? What if winning that game against the Pirates pushes them into the post-season?

Giancarlo Mike Staton’s Yankee welcome

Derek Jeter did a big salary dump before this season, so that’s how Stanton ended up on the Yankees. (And gives me more opportunities to mock him by calling him “Mike”.) Yankees fans were expecting Stanton to start the season off with a bang.


On Tuesday, he struck out five times at home, and ultimately got booed by Yankees fans. Nothing says “I’m worth the millions of dollars you’re paying me” like going 0-5.

Then on Wednesday, Stanton crushed a ball to left field for his first home run in pinstripes. At least he didn’t hit it to right field because we all know it has a short porch. According to Statcast, the ball traveled 458 feet and is the hardest hit ball this season at 117.9 mph.

(If you’d like to follow along this season as I openly mock Stanton and call him Mike, follow me on Twitter.)


  1. This is the 4th time today I’ve heard about the Gabe Kapler thing and I’ve laughed ever time. How did he not know he didn’t have a reliever warming up? I’m assuming there was some miscommunication, but still. The fans were booing him today when he went out to make pitching changes. And that whole thing about getting his players more followers sounds hokey. He sounds more like a birthday planner than a baseball manager at this point.

    Also there’s a sports talk show on from 5-7pm in Canada every week day, which I normally record, where two guys talk about sports in a fun manner. But the show didn’t start until 6 today because the Red Sox game was being shown and got pushed into extra innings because of that video review in the 9th inning. I wasn’t happy about it. Tell your Red Sox to beat the Rays faster next time haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • He was an outfielder, so maybe he doesn’t understand how the pitching logistics works? I don’t know, but that’s definitely a rookie mistake. Yeah, I heard he got booed; poor thing. I thought the social media thing was pretty funny #MakeBaseballFunAgain

      Why were they showing the Sox/Rays game in Canada? If we were playing the Jays, sure, but that’s just weird. I have no control over the length of games, and I’m sorry they inconvenienced you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I guess catchers really do make the best managers. Outfielders are off day dreaming. Though he would be closest to the bullpen and would surely seem them warming up haha

        Oh we get a bunch of out of market games televised up here. A lot of times we get a late night west coast game with the Angels or Athletics or the Giants etc. And when there are afternoon day games, we normally get those too, like the Red Sox yesterday. It’s all good until the games go long and cut into shows we like, then people get angry because no one knows why these TV networks stay with a game between two teams we don’t cheer for. Canada is strange sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Very valid point about him standing in the outfield near the bullpen haha.

        I mean, I guess it makes sense you get a lot of out of market games since there’s only one team in Canada now. I’d assume they continue showing the game because it’s part of the contract or agreement; like they’re not just going to cut away if the game starts to run over into a scheduled show. That’s just my thoughts, not sure why that actually happens.

        Liked by 1 person

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