Hello Universe, It’s Me

I got nothing but dreams inside, I got nothing but dreams
I’m just young enough to still believe, still believe
But young enough not to know what to believe in

– Fall Out Boy

I believe in the universe and that it can do some weird things. No matter how much we try to plan everything, there are so many other things out of our control. This is something I’ve worked on over the years, letting go of what I can’t control and let the chips fall where they may.

It can be discouraging if nothing seems to be going your way, or if you think the universe is out to get you. But I think bad things happen before good things do. I became a believer of that in college when I had some unexpected boy and friend trouble.

Things ended up working out, and I was happy, at least for a while. But at the time it seemed like things were hopeless. And no matter how many times I feel like I’m starting back at square one, it’s hard to see the end, where I know things will turn out okay.

They’ll turn out how they should be.

It’s like fighting an uphill battle. What’s on the other side of the hill? Is it actually a cliff and you’ll completely fall off? Or is it a gentle, rolling hill that will lead you to where you need to go?

Are these things adding up for a reason? Did I miss out on one opportunity because there was a better one coming my way that I didn’t know about yet? Hindsight is 20/20, and when we’re looking back, we can see what we did wrong or right. But in the moment, we have no clue what we’re doing.

So do we just leave it up to the universe for a sign?

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  1. I actually love this post. I am a huge believer in ‘if things are going to happen they will’. There are always little things going on in the back ground we never pay attention too, most of the time their the universe telling us to take stock.
    Em x

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