Adult Snow Days

So they are a thing, but they’re not as exciting as snow days from school. Since I live in New England, we’re prone to snow storm after snow storm, especially the three “nor’easters” we’ve been hit with in the last two weeks. (I put “nor-easter” in quotes because they’ve all been busts where I live.)

Last year, my boss closed the office during two snow storms, and those were actual snow days. Although I was in grad school then, so I spent the days getting ahead on homework and projects. We haven’t had any office closings since, and snow days are left up to us, I guess. (Well, we did have one office closing, but that’s when we lost power because of a wind storm.)

There was one storm in January of this year where most of us stayed home. Working from home is kind of an option, but it’s hard since most of our work is saved on the server at work. So all I can really do at home is check my email and hope there are no emergencies.

Today marks that third “nor’easter” in two weeks, and probably against my mom’s advice, I would have gone into work. However, I worked on Sunday (one of my clients was at a trade show in Boston), so I’m using those work hours today toward a day off. I checked my email once and parked myself in front of the TV for the morning. Now it’s Netflix time and writing.

So yeah, snow days as an adult are fairly boring. I don’t go outside and play in the snow anymore, and I don’t go sledding either—two things I used to do when I was younger. I remember one year when we had a really big snow storm, my dad and I created snow “creatures” on the front lawn. I think we made a big cat and a fish, and we spray painted them. There’s a park down the street from my house, so we would go sledding down the hill there. (Weirdly enough, the same hill my dad used to go sledding down when he was younger since he grew up a street over from where we live now. His dog used to pull their sled around.)

How do you guys spend your snow days now compared to how you did when you were younger? Should we all just go out and build snowmen anyway? (I’d love to go sledding again.)

PS: If you live in New England, I’m sure you’re just as sick and tired as I am of watching the news and weather people build up these snow storms and then they turn out to be nothing. It’s uncessary.

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