“I’m Coming Home, I’m Coming Home, Tell the World I’m Coming Home”: Recent MLB Signings

Apparently, it’s “Coming Home” week for Major league Baseball players. Wondering why? Let’s take a look.

Mike Moustakas: He turned down a $17.4 million offer by the Royals in November to test free-agency. He couldn’t find a team in FA, so he’s going back to the Royals with his tail between his legs for a $6.5 million/ 1-year deal.

Carlos Gonzalez: He also turned down a pretty good deal—$80 million/7 years—last spring to test free agency. Whelp, now he’s back with the Rockies on an $8 million/ 1-year contract.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia: He’s back with the Tigers. For the second time. He signed a minor-league contract and is reporting to spring training. I miss Salty when he used to play for the Red Sox.

(And yes, I can spell his name without looking it up.)

I guess with the first two players it shows how bad the free agency market was this offseason, which could be another post itself. From briefly scanning this list of unemployed free agents, it appears that there are A. a lot of Cubs players, and B. all of the players are old (30+ years old). From also scanning that list, there are a lot of players I didn’t realize where still playing. For example…

  • Stephen Drew (He just needs to go away)
  • Joe Blanton (Did not know he was still around)
  • Brandon Moss (dude played in the 2007 World Series for the Sox)
  • Chad Qualls (His name just sounds so familiar)
  • Geovany Soto (I swore he retired?)
  • Houston Street (Same)
  • Rickie Weeks (His brother plays baseball, too. His name is Jemlie Weeks)

Like for real? These guys are still playing? Or at least looking to play? And I thought they were old five years ago when they were relevant.

So this is where we stand. A few guys will get a nice homecoming, while other are slapping on an unemployed name tag and looking for work.

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