Just Some Ramblings

This post is basically a brain dump since not much is going on in my life that’s exciting enough to write about but felt like I should try to write something.

February went by wicked fast, and as my chiropractor asked me last week, “Why are there only 28 days in February?” I expect March will go by just as quickly.

We’re supposed to have Nor’easter tomorrow with snow totals ranging from 6″-12″. I still think I’m treading into work tomorrow. The last few snowstorms we got during the week turned out to be less than they were saying. I might leave early, though, if it gets really bad.

Speaking of work, I’ll be in Boston on Sunday. One of my clients—that I share with one of my co-workers—is going to be at a trade show at the convention center this weekend. I’m going up for the first day of the show on Sunday with one of my other co-workers. He’s going to do some video work while I’ll be taking pictures of the booth and the staff for social media. I said I’d bring road snacks for the trip.

My anxiety’s been bugging me a little bit lately, not sure if it’s because I’m spending too much time alone with my thoughts. I’m still trying to make sense of really everything and what I want to do. The worst part is when I can feel it in my chest, like something is sitting on it. I’ve also been going to bed later, which probably isn’t helping me either.

I’m officially walking at graduation in May. The school is holding my diploma until that day, and I have to go pick up my cap and gown the beginning of that month. I think that’s when it will finally feel real. Right now, I’m like, yeah I finished the program but haven’t technically graduated but that means I can say I have a master’s, right?

I’ve been working on the sequel to the story I finished in January. And that means writing it out of order. I have a Google doc with the chapters planned out with notes while I work on current chapters in a separate one. Ideas have been popping up in my head, and I’m just running with that, even if I’m getting ahead of myself. Better to know how it ends, right?

I recently finished reading “Ready For Wild” by Liora Blake and really liked it. It’s the third book in her Grand Valley series, and I had read the second one in the fall and really like that one, too. “Watergate” by Thomas Mallon and “Unbelievable” by Katy Tur are my next books to read. Guess I’m going with a political theme.

So, yeah. This is what’s been going on lately and felt the need to just word vomit in a post. That’s why blogs exist.

Oh, I completely forgot! MLB is bringing back the bullpen carts 🙌🏻 The Diamondbacks are the first ones to do so. I’m excited.


  1. Word vomit is a wonderful thing…it helps me calm down. And somehow give me clarity. Probably because I can see/read my thought ..until then thoughts just clog my head ☺ Am yet to put it on my blog..instead of diary. But it’s good to read post like this…definately tells me there are more sailing same boat…Have fun!

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  2. The Diamondbacks must be reading our comments about 1) Not wanting to be a journalist that covers their team and 2) The bullpen carts. I’m so excited for the cart!

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