I’m the Least Athletic Person. I Also Have a Fitbit.

I’ve never been one for playing sports. Or gym class. I found out in eight grade while running the mile for the state testing that I have exercise-induced asthma. However, I did do gymnastics for six years, so I guess that’s the closest I’ve come to an organized sport.

I started running in college to kill some spare time and by my senior year, I could run a mile and a half in 16 minutes without dying. It was good for my anxiety, and it got me out of the apartment. My school has a track inside the field house, and it overlooks the basketball courts below. So teams would be practicing when I would go running, and it gave me something to watch.

Since graduation, my running had become almost nonexistent. I could still use the gym at my college because I’m an alumni, but it’s a little out of my way to travel. We have a stationary bike in my basement, and I’d rather ride the bike because my asthma doesn’t flare up.

I also wear a Fitbit, which doesn’t make all that much sense. But I guess you don’t have to be athletic to wear one. It reminds me ten minutes before every new hour to get up and get some steps in, and I like that it can track my sleep:

I went for a run outside today for the first time since last spring. And I survived.

I ran the first half mile, walked a quarter of a mile, and then ran the last quarter of the mile before walking the rest of the way home. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow, but at least I got out of the house. (It was almost 50 degrees out today, and all of the snow is melting. #NewEngland)

My parents ordered a new stationary bike that’s arriving next month. I’m hoping to get on that a couple times a week. The one plus is that I can watch TV while on the bike, and I can catch up on my Netflix shows.

Baby steps, I guess. I know I won’t run a marathon over night, but it’s something I’ll have to work at.

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