How the University of Alabama Messed Up My Sleep Schedule

Nine years ago, I become a University of Alabama football fan.


I don’t know. Well, I actually do (read here).

I was against the four-team playoff system that was implemented a few years ago, because when I started following college football, there was only the BCS. But I can’t really complain because Alabama has made the playoffs every season since it started in 2015.

In a surprising upset this season, Alabama was placed #4 with one loss (against Auburn during rivarly week). They were selected over Ohio State, and of course, Urban Meyer got his panties in a twist about it. (Oh, and don’t forget UCF declaring themselves National Champions after an undefeated season and threw themselves a parade in Disney World.)

Ranked #4, Alabama was set to play #1 Clemson in the semi-finals, which was a rematch of last year’s National Championship (a game where I cried afterwards). For some reason, they moved the semi-finals from New Year’s Eve night to New Year’s day night, and this is what messed up my sleep schedule.

I have no life, and I stay in on NYE, so watching the games then was always fine, never a problem. Then this year, the game starts at 8:45PM and I have to stay up until past midnight, and then go to work later that day. It was a fairly boring game, aside from the big boy interception and then touchdown one play later. With a 24-6 win, the Tide were set to play the Georgia Bulldogs the following Monday night.

Here we go again.

In the finals, we learned that our kicker still sucks, and I should never think about going to bed before the game ends. Thankfully I didn’t, because the game went into over time. Nick Saban, the overlord of college football, pulled Jalen Hurts, QB1, and replaced him with the backup, who I didn’t even know we had. After yet again another missed field goal (looking at you, Pappanastos. I miss our old kicker), the game went into over time. Georgia kicks a field goal, pulling ahead with the lead. Alabama gets the ball, QB2 Tua Tagovailoa (still don’t know how to pronounce that) gets tackled on first down, and then, you know, throws the ball downfield to some freshman for the game-winning touchdown on the next play.

As one does.

So, within two weeks, I got a total of five hours a sleep on Monday night and got another championship shirt.

I guess my issue with my lack of sleep is because of the re-scheduling of the games. *cough* ESPN *cough*

Or maybe I shouldn’t have become an Alabama fan?

No matter what, roll tide.


  1. I wish I could get into college football, but because I haven’t found a team to follow I just watch parts of the playoff games. I think one of the first times I became aware of Alabama was by accident when I was in high school. I had to do an assignment for my media class and on the top of each page, I put a sports quote. One quote was by Bear Bryant, I had no clue who he was, I just found it on a website somewhere. So I hand in the assignment and when I got it back my teacher had written a comment next to it saying something about Bryant leading the Crimson Tide back in the day. I’m like “Who are the Crimson Tide?” Had to go home and Google it haha. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Congrats on the championship!

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