Don’t Leave Me Unattended With My Thoughts

I told my co-worker once I don’t do yoga because I can’t be left alone with my thoughts for that long.

Then I remembered I go to sleep every night.

My anxiety has been bugging me lately and that causes my mind to race at night. Not sure if I’m just unnecessarily worrying about things. I try my best to clear my mind, but one thing can lead to another.

There are some nights when I’m tired but dread going to sleep because of the time before I fall asleep. I’ve been taking melatonin for years, which helps I guess, but sometimes I think my mind overrides that.

I normally read before bed, but I’m that person who uses her phone right before bed. The whole “blue light” thing hasn’t really bothered me, and most of the time before I go to sleep is when I write some of my story in the Google Docs app.

So in order to calm my anxiety, I try to think of random things, like if it’s possible to make a sustainable living by watching reruns of ER. I actually came up with the main plot line of my next fiction story last week while I was half asleep.

Does anyone have any hints or tips? Or any random things I can think about at night?


  1. I find that if I’m not 100% exhausted before going to sleep, I’ll just lay there for hours. But here are some things I do that help:
    1. Reading
    2. Blogging
    3. Watching YouTube videos of things I like which spans from wrestling to live performances of songs
    4. I fall asleep while listening to sports talk radio in the background and my radio automatically shuts off after an hour. That lets me focus my mind on what they’re saying and I slowly fall asleep from there.

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    • I don’t know if I could fall asleep listening to something because I’d want to stay up to finish listening haha. As sad as it sounds, I sometimes make up random scenarios just to distract myself from overthinking or worrying about stuff I shouldn’t be. I wish that we could just fall asleep as soon as we went to bed. I hate trying to fall asleep.

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      • Oh I make up those random scenarios too. It’s better than reality I guess? This got really sad. Another thing I do is just keep replaying happy memories in my head and to make them different I kinda get a reverse camera angle on the whole situation, if that makes sense. Sleeping is hard.

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  2. The Calm app works WONDERS! I’ve had an extremely tough time falling asleep because of all these THOUGHTS running around my head. The Calm app has “sleep stories”, music, and meditation practice to help aid anxiety. I rarely make it to the end of the sleep stories — they’re wonderful!

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