2019 College Football National Championship Preview

So to no one’s surprise, Alabama and Clemson are in the national championship game—again. Yippe.

As an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, you’d think that I’d be over the moon that my Tide are in the national championship title game again. But to be honest, it’s getting a little tiring.

Here’s why:

  1. This will be the fourth time since the four-team play was instituted that the Tide and the Tigers have met. Alabama won the national championship 45-40 in 2016, and Clemson won 35-31 in 2017. (I cried after that game.) The two teams met last year in the first round Sugar Bowl playoff, where Alabama won 24-6.
  2. The games are boring. I’m sorry, but realistically, the only thing that matters in the game is the last five minutes. Because it’s going to either be a blow out or back and forth and you really only need to watch the very end of the game. In this year’s first round, #2 Clemson basically slaughtered #3 Notre Dame—I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to put the Irish at #3—and won 30-3. #1 Alabama beat #4 Oklahoma 45-34. When that game was on, I was watching more of the Sex and The City marathon on E! and occasionally flipping to the game.
  3. Let someone else win for a chance. As much as I love the Tide, I’d like to see other teams get into the playoffs that aren’t in the SEC. The final four teams are chosen by the playoff committee, and no one really knows what the criteria is that they use. Maybe they just pick names out of a hat. I’m tired of playing Clemson. It’s like when Auburn was good—when Cam Newton’s dad paid people to have his son play—and we played them all the time. At least last year in the national championship, we played Georgia. That was interesting.
  4. ALSO WHY DO THE GAMES HAVE TO BE ON MONDAY NIGHTS AT 8:30 P.M.?! Do you know how inconvenient that is? And how late I have to stay up BECAUSE ALABAMA KEEPS PLAYING IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. (This probably sounds like and is a #FirstWorldProblem, but it really messes up my sleep schedule.)

Obviously college football is mostly about revenue, and apparently another Alabama/Clemson game will bring in money for the NCAA. And if you don’t live in Alabama or South Carolina, I doubt people will care about the game. (Just like how people who don’t live in Boston or New York care about Red Sox/Yankeess games on ESPN EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT THEY PLAY EACH OTHER DURING THE SEASON.) I have my hat in the ring because I decided to become an Alabama fan 10 years ago. And I have the championship shirts to prove it.

(Side note: the game this year is in Santa Clara, California. I’m assuming the locations are chosen before the games are played, but boy does that suck for the fans in Alabama and South Carolina. They have to travel across the country to Levi Stadium, where the 49ers play. Gross. The get-in price for tickets on the secondary market are $150, while the get-in price for last year’s game peaked at $1,700. That’s because last year’s Alabama/Georgia game was played in Georgia. Source.)

Last year, I debated going to bed before the game was over, but the game went into overtime and I stayed up and got five hours of sleep. This year, I’m also debating going to bed before the game is over. I hate to say that I’ve lost interest, but it’s this weird feeling of wondering if I’m a bad fan by saying that I’m tired of always making the championship. (But then I remember that I know New England Patriots fan who live and die by TB12 and always brag about making the playoffs and the Super Bowl and probably never get tired of winning all the time.)

So I guess this is less of a preview and more of me yelling about the game. Alabama has two quarterbacks Nick Saban has been using throughout the season—Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa—and I’m 90% sure Tua will start the game. The offense kicks butt like always, and our defense is pretty good too. Clemson has some quarterback that I’ve never heard of, but I guess their defense is also good. So it’s basically just like the three other games we’ve played against them in the past.

Both teams are coming into this game at 14-0, so someone is going to have to lose. In reality, I’ll probably stay up to watch the entire game, but is it really worth it? Am I a bad fan if I don’t stay up to watch it all? Plus, I don’t have room for another championship shirt in my drawer. The Red Sox are taking up a bunch of room from the playoffs.


  1. One of these days the Tide will turn and they’ll go through a drought where you’ll be wishing for the winning ways ala the last few years.

    I think there were 3 puns in that sentence.

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  2. As you may know, college football is my favorite sport. There’s just nothing like it in the universe. I have been complaining about #4 for years! The Championship on Monday night is just lame. The system needs to be revamped. I like the 8 team format but that’s a story for another day. If the 4 team Playoff remains in effect, then I think they should either play the semifinals around the 23rd and then play the Championship on New Year’s night…….OR they should play the semifinals on New Year’s Day but then play the Title game on the next Saturday night, pushing the NFL games out of the way. Instead of Monday the 7th, they could’ve played it Saturday the 5th or Saturday the 12th and moved the NFL games to earlier in the day or have 1 on Saturday and then 3 on Sunday. Obviously the NFL uses 3 time slots all season on Sunday so what’s the problem?

    Meanwhile, sorry to you personally that your ‘Bama lost but in the big picture I was ecstatic to see Clemson destroy the Tide. It was fun!


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    • You’d think they’d expand to eight teams because it would make them more money, but… *shrug emoji* I don’t know why they play the playoffs games so late in the reason. Like are they waiting for the other “regular” bowl games to finish before playing the CFP games? I think they still need to work on structuring when the games are because they’re just at awkward times. And I’m 100% in support of not having it on a Monday night. I doubt the NFL is going to move games to accommodate the CFP, though.

      Thanks, I think it was going to be a bad game from the start when it opened up with the Clemson pick-six. I went to bed at halftime because I figured it wasn’t worth me staying up to watch it. Granted everyone probably needs to get their butts kicked every once in a while but it still sucks when you’re on the other end of that butt kicking.

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