The Beginning of the End?

Tomorrow I move in for my final semester of my undergraduate career. I know this sounds extremely cliche, but the time does fly. I remember back to sophomore year when I struggled my first semester living on campus to the amazing year I had last year with great roommates (who I live with again this year + 2 more). The fall semester went by wicked fast, and this semester is going to go by even faster.

That’s probably because I’m going to be busy, which may be a good thing. I feel more motivated when I have a set schedule, and I’m better that way with time management than if I have lots of free time because I’ll feel less inclined to do anything.

I stumbled into an internship for the semester. I wasn’t looking for one, but the VP of where I interned over the summer sent my resume to their sister company, who needed someone to pick up some work for one employee who is going on maternity leave. They do similar media and marketing work to where I was over the summer, except they have national clients (which means I don’t have to dress up!). I’m excited to start, and I start this Tuesday. I assumed since it’s syllabus week, I wouldn’t be doing much at school, but we’ll see.

So not only do I have the internship, but I have two jobs at school – Student Activities, which I get paid for, and in Athletics in the SID office, where I volunteer (I started there my sophomore year because I thought I had work study but did not then learned junior year I don’t qualify, so thankfully the old SID took me on as a volunteer, and I work now under our new SID as of last October) plus ice cream scooping once we open in the end of February. I have to gently break it to my boss that I won’t be able to work Friday nights until May (if that) because I’ll be at my internship until 5:00 and by the time I get back to school with traffic it’ll be at least 5:30 and then by the time I make it home, it’d be around 6:00. I’ll still work Saturday afternoons/night and Sunday afternoons, though, because we won’t be too busy when it’s cold.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to the gym. I’ve ran a few times on our treadmill downstairs or used the stationary bike, but I’d rather run the track at school because it hurts my knees to run on a treadmill – plus when I run on the track, I can watch whoever’s down below in the gym practicing or playing pick-up. Like I said before, my roommate agreed to be my personal trainer (she can run like a billion miles and not feel like dying so I admire her for that), so she’ll definitely yell at me if I make any excuses.

I know in order to survive this semester, I have to take it one day at a time and enjoy my moments. Because everything will be okay in the end (right?).


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